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The turkey hangover is hopefully fading as the holiday season ramps up. The post-poultry party planning starts this week, and you will need to take advantage of every minute to stay ahead of the rush. We have some specials this week to keep your guests interested and hungry for the festivities to come.
Thanksgiving is over, and so is the pumpkin pie, but in case you didn’t get enough, we are seeing some beautiful Pumpkin Sword.  So far this week we have captured two of these rare specimens and hope to see more.  Caught by hook and line in the Mid Atlantic, the color of the flesh on these fish is a striking creamsicle and the bloodlines are extraordinarily red.  These fish are rare and scarce, so don’t wait to order.
As if they knew Christmas was near, the American Red Snappers are finally showing up, just in time to jingle all the way.  This week is by far our most productive week for this sought-after species, and we urge that you take advantage of the glut.  It’s been a rough go, but we are finally seeing good landings and great fish.
Snapper is the gift that keeps on giving, because with it, we are seeing some incredible by-catch Grey Tile.  Grey Tile, also known as Blueline Tile, have a delicious, crab-like meat and a fatty skin that crisps up perfectly.  The fish are running four pounds and up and are pristine hook and line quality.  It’s an unexpected bonus in a surprisingly bountiful week.
The West Coast Halibut season is coming to an end next week, although there is most likely going to be plenty of quota left in the water.  Don’t take this desirable option off your menu though, as we will have fresh Farmed Norwegian, East Coast and Re-freshed West Coast fish so that you can jingle all the way into January.
Gourmet Gab
We are well into the holiday season now and the parties are just going to keep coming. It’s important to keep you customers' fridges and pantries stocked to ensure that any invited (or uninvited) guests are happy. One word: Charcuterie. A charcuterie board has something for everyone and makes for a great centerpiece to any table.


First up, let’s talk about cheese. We recommend using three cheeses with varying textures. Little Giant from Cypress Grove Chevre is semi-soft in texture and subtly sweet with yeast-like flavors and mushroomy notes. This little goat cheese is mild and delectable at any age.
Brie Mon Sire is a French cheese with a soft paste like consistency and a bloomy rind. It has a very mild flavor and a high fat content, perfect for a crowd. Another cheese that’s ideal for a charcuterie board is Marieke’s young gouda. This cheese is creamy and buttery with slight sweet notes and a semi-firm texture that will complement the other softer cheeses on the board.


No charcuterie board is complete without crackers. Lesley Stowe Raincoat crisps are made in small batches and are designed to be paired with cheeses or enjoyed on their own. You can’t go wrong with any of the flavors they offer. The Fine Cheese Company also offers a line of crackers which are the perfect accompaniment for cheese. From water crackers to flavors like Basil & EVOO, there’s a cracker for everyone!


Don’t forget about accompaniments. From pates, to jams, Fortune has everything your customers will need to build the perfect board. Contact your sales representative for more information on our gourmet charcuterie products.

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