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The Boston Seafood Show took place last week, just as the second Nor’easter in as many weeks was rounding into form.  Flights were cancelled on Tuesday and many people from around the world were stranded in Boston for a couple of days.  Seeing the blizzard up close really drove home just what East Coast fishermen have been facing the past few weeks.  The beginning of March has not been kind to fisheries.  Many vendors in Boston had empty coolers, and any fish that did show was quickly scooped up by the highest bidder.   Everything considered, it was a great show and I would like to commend the city for its diligent work on keeping the streets and sidewalks clear and safe for everyone.  As I write this, another storm is due to hit New England today.
In related news, lobstering is a mess at the moment.  Prices continue to climb, and we haven’t seen the end, yet as more bad weather will limit vessels from leaving.  With all the high prices coming out of Canada, it’s no wonder that vessels and licenses in Canada are selling for record prices.
We are facing the same issues with all Ground Fish and Fin Fish from the East Coast and Gulf.  Weather is preventing boats from leaving; and, when they do, fish are scattered and hard to find. Below is a vessel in Point Judith at the dock, a common sight these days in New England.

There is a moratorium on grouper in Mexico and on corvina in Ecuador, making these fish hard to find.  Only a handful of Domestic Groupers and Snappers are arriving due to the weather.  Small sized snappers that are caught using smaller vessels are especially hard to come by due to high winds.  The Gulf fisheries are struggling almost as much as the northeast and we are all hoping March leaves like a lamb… we’ve had enough of the lion. 
On the bright side, West Coast Halibut season opens on March 24th, and hopefully we start seeing fish trickle in later that week.  There aren’t any updates on where the market will be to start, but this year’s season is not projected to be an improvement, the catch is expected to be down again, this time by at least 20%.
The Wild Sable season will open with the Halibut season, but you don’t have to wait that long to get fresh Sable.  Golden Eagle is producing a farm raised Kyuquot Sable fish that is very comparable in flavor to the wild and is even fresher getting to you since they are harvested to order.  The fish are raised in a sustainable manner and are sushi grade.  Their exquisite flavor is matched only by their superb quality.
Gourmet Grab

Want a mild, creamy Wisconsin cheese that eases onto the palette like a rich butter or can be melted over vegetables to enliven your meal?  If so, try Edelweiss Creamery’s Butterkase.  Edelweiss Creamery is a small operation in Monroe, WI employing about ten people.  Bruce Workman is the primary cheesemaker and he has partnered with three farm families to create the Edelweiss Grazers Cooperative, from which he sources all of his grass-fed cow’s milk.  The result is an array of delectable, exquisite cheeses ranging from traditional Swiss to aged Gouda.  The silky butterkase is just one delicious gem in an assortment of precious jewels.  Try it with cured meats, grapes, melons, Chardonnay, or pilsners.

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