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Summer is sitting on its last legs as the kids head back to school and the fishes go on the move.  Labor Day is approaching; pools will soon close, and the jackets will come out of hibernation.  We must take advantage of these golden twilights, the warm rains, the enduring rays, and the Wild Salmon.  Looks like there’s some summer that’s going to linger.

The Wild Sockeye season has been tremendous and, by all accounts, it should continue throughout August.  Kings could be spotty, so it will be necessary to take advantage of weekly Troll offerings.  So far, we have been able to keep the cooler stocked with pretty fish.  Copper River Coho Salmon started their run this week and we will have fish available off the first opener.  The word is that the fish are running big, and we should see some nice fat content. Landings in the Copper River and subsequent rivers will continue into September, so look forward to a few more weeks of Wild Salmon.
It looks like the scorchers are behind us, so going forward dining outside will be a much more pleasant experience.  We have brought in beautiful Tahitian Ono this week to entice you to keep the grill the going.  Ono is superb on the barbie.  it’s a meaty fish with a good fat content and excellent mouthfeel.  It pairs great with summer vegetables and fresh citrus.
Mahi Mahi is starting to turn a corner and we are finally beginning to see some downward movement on pricing.  South America is gearing up for the big fall season and we are already seeing a healthy supply.  There has been a lot of large fish in the market, which bodes well for the season ahead.  As the weather changes, fish migrate.  This will affect supplies of species like Mackerel, Tuna, and even Mahi.  It’s coming soon, but it’s not here yet.  Take advantage of the rest of this month to enjoy the spoils before the fish get on the move.



Gourmet Gab


As we leave summer and approach the fall season, we welcome trends in the gourmet section like our apple and pumpkin-flavored pastries. Hot Cakes Bakery has many pumpkin-spice and chai latte-flavored pastries to bring fall to your menu. With the weather cooling down and kids headed back to school, consumers will be on the go with a need to unwind at the end of the day. We will be seeing a desire in consumers for relaxing hot teas, great for enjoying the brisk air and fall leaves. Check out Teapigs selection of hot teas, specifically, Organic Happy for an uplifting fall apple flavor. Classic Provisions Vanilla Beans would be delicious in any chai tea or pastry. Highlight a festive cranberry cinnamon flavor in your appetizer menu, and be sure to feature Wisconsin cheese’s Hidden Springs Driftless Cranberry Cinnamon Cranberry in your fall specials. For all these and many more fall flavors, reach out to your Fortune Fish & Gourmet Sales Representative.


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