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Teddy Roosevelt and other progressives of the day supported the "Farmerettes" and The Women’s Land Army as our country was pulled into the Great War. Later, with the slogan “Food Will Win the War,” President Teddy Roosevelt called on the WLA again for help during WWII. "Women from all walks of life embraced the land-army movement as a patriotic call to arms. Full of enthusiasm and good intentions, these women were called “Farmerettes.” City girls from the age of 17 and up volunteered to assist on sheep, cattle, dairy, orchard and poultry farms.
The “Farmerettes” cast aside convention; packed a bag with overalls, old shoes, and a big straw hat; rolled up their sleeves; and let the farmers know they were ready to work. It’s with this sense of urgency that our country’s home front was secured and our troops kept supplied."
Farmerettes in the Field, The Women's Land Army at Media Farm by Patricia Wilkins
Fortune honors the memory of the “Farmerettes” in a dairy initiative to bring the best artisan cheese products to our customers. Under the Farmerette banner look for a wide offering of farm-crafted cow, sheep and goat cheese varieties. Like the women and men of our patriotic past, today’s independent dairy farmers are keeping the tradition alive.
Farmerette Mozzarella is made on a rural family farmstead farm in Wisconsin.   The Holstein cows are well pampered, fed a homegrown foraged diet of corn, alfalfa and soybeans.  The cows are given access to plenty of excercise, fresh air and individual care and attention.  The milk is piped directly from the dairy to the cheese factory so the cheese making can begin within hours of milking.  The freshness of the milk comes through in the fresh, milky mozzarella that is fabulous with so many applications.
Pasteurized · Cow's Milk · Soft · Balls




4 ounce mozzarella balls in lightly salted water

Q0800010 · 3 lb Tub




1-1/3 ounce mozzarella balls in lightly salted water

Q0800030 · 3 lb Tub




1/3 ounce mozzarella balls in lightly salted water

Q0800050 · 3 lb Tub


2 gram mozzarella pearls in lightly salted water

Q0800070 · 3 lb Tub
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