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We are slowly learning what it means to live in a corona-present world, taking one lump at a time, and it appears that the cloudy future is more than mystifying.  Our industry is based on gathering people together, hosting them and feeding them, tenets that will have a hard time surviving in this new world.  We will have to adapt and find new ways to support our customers and communities.  The strength of our creativity and collective imagination is going to be tested, but people will eat.
The virus-caused slow-down is affecting every link in the food chain.  Fishermen have quotas to fill, or they lose them.  So, the fish keep coming.  Many wild markets are adjusting to the low demand and are lowering prices to try to gain traction. We are seeing the same reconfiguration on farmed products.  Many vendors are doing what they can to keep the flow to, at the least, a hopeful trickle – and they are re-thinking price structures.  On the other hand, due to the travel bans and tight restrictions, some items will suffer an increase in cost, while others will not be available at all.  We are here to help you discern which will be which.  
 If you can reach people and have an outlet for product, there are many items that you can make a better margin on, while also lowering the cost to your customer.  Our team is here to help you navigate the best options for your company and to support you in this very real struggle.  There will be some hard decisions to make in the upcoming days, and we will be right here to support the many hands that are in this together, the best way we can.

Spring is here.  This too shall pass; change is in the air.  We have faith that the creative, persevering, and compassionate people in this industry will not fail to bring their best to the table.  We won’t let the world forget how to eat, drink, and be merry. 



Gourmet Grab

Changing your business model is a daunting task, but we’re here to help as much we can.

For those that have a customer base with a penchant for parties, help them beat quarantine blues by supplying them with their own housebound picnic, with cheeses, charcuterie and accompaniments. Fortune offers many small format cheeses such as the local Tulip Tree Creamery, to Marin French.  Our local charcuterie offerings from Tempesta, Red Bear Provisions, Smoking Goose and Salume Beddu have small format chubs.  And, don’t forget the fine folks of Brooklyn Cured who pre-sliced some of their favorites including a bresaola and beef salami for the pork-less needs.  Throw in some single serve Quince & Apple preserves in1.5oz sizes and Ames Honey in 2oz with some Rustic Bakery Flatbreads, and you’re on your way to a take away option your customers are going to love. 

If you’re creating a to-go box, Fortune has single serve chips from Lillie’s Q, Zingerman’s and Ka-Pop to compliment burgers and sandwiches! All these artisanal snack options have satisfying crunch.  For the sweet tooth, TCHO mini chocolates are a great option for a bite size treat.  Paleo Prime, a Chicago based paleo cookie, has three options for pre-wrapped cookies to offer your customers, regardless of dietary choices or restrictions.

We do not sell toilet paper, but we do carry a variety of WATER to offer all your customers. From our volcanic mineral waters Sant Aniol (sparkling and still), Vichy Catalan and Font d’Or that have many health benefits, to our ecofriendly Chicago based Open Water in an aluminum can, Fortune has an array of waters to offer your customers a variety of choice and size.

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