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2022 seems to be flying by, faster than the weather can keep up.  We are already heading into May and Mother’s Day, a special day for the most important people in the world.  It’s a day in which we all try to impress the people we love.  You can never be too ready to create the perfect dish.
Mahi season is dwindling in South America.  As the season wraps up, we will see some shorts in the market with some higher pricing.  The domestic fish will start showing up soon on the East Coast, and this fishery will supplement the missing South American fish.  However, there could be some gaps in the supply, so make sure to communicate often with our team to check availability.
We are seeing some beautiful Spring Troll King Salmon from Sout Eastern Alaska.  Our deliveries have been of spectacular quality, with sizing ranging from seven to twenty - pound fish.  These are troll caught, so they are handled better than the gill net fish.  Copper River should be starting the third week of May, but until then, these fish are an excellent example of Wild King Salmon.
Halibut seems to be booming on the West Coast.  Catches are up and fish are landing in many different areas, including Petersburg and Yakutat.  These are arriving in excellent day-boat quality and will be a great option for this week and next.  The majority of the West Coast catch this year will be 10/20 sized fish, and that will be where you will catch the most saving.  About 75% is projected to be this size, making the bigger fish harder to come by and more expensive.
If you are looking to run a Gulf species this week or next, avoid Red Snapper.  Instead, run with Red Grouper.  We have a good supply of fish showing up every day this week and expecting landings to increase.  Snappers are hard to find, making them a tenuous choice for a menu staple or special.  Groupers can be used in most Snapper dishes and are readily available. 


Gourmet Gab

Spring is almost here.  The weather is starting to get warmer.   One can see the leaves on the trees, and the days are getting longer.  This also means that Mother’s Day right around the corner.

Here at Fortune Fish & Gourmet we have many products to help your customers honor their Moms.  We have a brand new line of Coating/Non-Tempering chocolates from Master Martini from Italy.  We are carrying their compounds in Dark, Milk, and White. These are perfect for making Chocolate Dipped Strawberries or executing quick and easy chocolate decorations.


Mom will fall head over heels for our Heart Shaped Macarons when served for dessert or gifted out of a bakery case.  Colorful, soft on the inside and cruncy on the outside.  They are come in a flavor duo – Vanilla with Strawberry Ganache & Raspbery Ganache.


If you are looking for something as sweet as Mom and extra, I mean EXTRA special for French toast, Fortune has a beautiful hand braided 5.5 lb Brioche loaf, made with crème fraiche, real orange blossom flavor and pearl sugar on top.  We have all these in stock along with plenty of other options in mini desserts for your Mother's Day and everyday buffets.

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