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It’s the middle of August, the summer season is coming to an end and kids are going back to school.  The big debate is heating up: do we take Wild Salmon and Halibut off our menus for the season, or do we keep them on?  Lucky for you, we have the answers when it comes to questions of what, and what not, to offer. 

The Wild Salmon season continues to produce - and the Coho run is just starting to heat up.  California is flush with Troll King Salmon, and we should see another strong two weeks of fish.  The Sockeyes will run again this week, although I do see the fishery fading soon.  The Cohos are on blast as fishing is revving up.  Expect a good supply of nets and trolls for a few weeks.  We recently had the opportunity to visit some of our gill-net Sockeye fishermen in Naknek, Alaska, and were very impressed and awed by the effort that was required to bring in fresh fish.  These fishermen plied the water for days straight, working over twelve hours a day with a bucket for a bathroom and extremely tight quarters for sleeping.  Ice barges come to take the catch a couple of times a day, as the fishermen remain on board to make the most out of the opening.  It’s an extreme way of living and, even though the season is brief, it’s not for the faint of heart.  It’s important to remember what it takes to harvest our last wild protein and to support the ancient trade these artisans represent. 
The West Coast Halibut season was extended until December 7th this year.  That means that West Coast Halibut is here for a few more months.  Nova Scotia is also supporting the market with some gorgeous dayboat Halibut, so it’s safe to say Halibut will be on the menu for quite some time.
We just got in some gorgeous Grey Tile, aka Blueline Tilefish, from the Gulf Coast of Florida.  These fish are hook and line caught, average four pounds each, and have a stunning color to them.  They almost look alive!  They are a limited special, so get your orders in ASAP.
Massachusetts had some cows come in over the weekend and we got greedy.  We aren’t talking dairy here; we are talking big Wild Striped Bass.  These sows are averaging 20 pounds plus and are cutting with stellar white meat.  These fish can give you perfectly thick portions with a fatty skin that crisps like bacon.  We were able to get a good haul, but great fish goes quickly, so don’t miss out on yours.
Gourmet Gab
The summer is winding down, back to school is on the horizon, and people are soaking up as much time outdoors as they can. They are reaching for anything that will cool them down and refresh their spirits. With that being said, the holidays will be here before you know it so be sure to check out our holiday catalog and contact your Fortune Sales Rep to get those pre-orders in!  Now back to summer- Fortune Fish & Gourmet is your one-stop shop for refreshing beverages that will appeal to all customers.

Wisco Pop are certified organic sodas that offer fresh ingredients and real flavors. They are delightful on their own and wonderful when added to a cocktail. These are perfect to quench your thirst from a day outside, or even to serve at a late summer get together. With a variety of different flavors to choose from, your customers cannot go wrong with Wisco Pop.

Are your customers fans of bubbles but not soda? Spindrift sparkling water is sure fire way to keep your customers hydrated. All Spindrift flavors are made with real fruit juice making them light, bright, and slightly sweet. Spindrift sources the highest quality fruit from the best family farms so your customers can feel confident that they are getting the best quality product, every time.

Sparkling water may not be for everyone, but Coco 5 should be. It was created by the Chicago Blackhawks athletic trainer to keep the players hydrated without all the harmful chemicals and sugars involved in most sports drinks. Coco 5 uses young coconut water to help aid hydration and is available in six delicious fruit flavors!

As we said, soaking up the last bit of summer before school starts is all about being active and being outdoors, and to do so you must keep yourself healthy. Circle Kombucha is a better-for-you beverage brand that is committed to providing healthy, tasty alternatives that help you find balance and feel good. Circle Kombucha, as well as the other brands listed above, all strive to use amazing quality ingredients that will keep you healthy and enjoying the weather all summer long.

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