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The freeze is coming, but, for now, we have some beautiful weather to wallow in.  The fall is a wonderful time to get outside and take advantage of the rich colors and comforting smells without freezing off your fingers and toes.  Get out while you can, and, in the meantime, here are some forecasts to help unravel the mystery ahead. 
Stone Crab season kicks off in Florida this weekend, and it may be the only affordable claw in the market (more to come on that below).  Traps will be harvested starting on the 15th and there’s no looking back until next spring, when it finally ends.  This year is projected to be a good season, according to the scientists and biomass, but we will see if the weather cooperates with this bullish projection.  Either way, we are in for some delicious crab claws.
The doom and gloom surrounding the King and Snow Crab seasons is a real thing.  With biomass sinking for both species, the crabs seem to be disappearing more and more each year.  King Crab quotas continue to be cut and some Snow Crab harvest areas have been closed completely.  Fortune is fully stocked with plenty of Snow Crab, but if you plan on featuring either of these species for the holidays, prepare yourself for a bit of sticker shock.  It may be time to start thinking outside the crab for holiday fare.
Domestic Sea Scallops seem to be trending in the same direction as the crab, though - not as dire.  The Scallop quotas will be roughly half of what they were just two years ago, and this down cycle will most likely be a three-year swing.  Prices on larger Scallops like U10 will be very high – and, in some instances, we could see some product shortages.  The value will be in the smaller sizes such as 20/30 and 30/40 counts.  Make sure you are getting the true “Dry” Scallops that you are paying for, because when times get tight, moisture counts are an important indicator of quality.  You can count on us to continue to source the same dry, natural scallops that we have always offered without the games.
We will finish with some good news.  The West Coast Halibut season will continue into early December, not closing until the 7th.  There is plenty of quota left to catch, so expect the fishery to keep going strong.  The East Coast Canadian Halibut season will also keep producing fish throughout the holidays.  This fishery is year-round, and a lot of the fleet is MSC certified.  These fish are Day-Boat quality and line caught.  Expect this highly prized, delicious, white fish to stay in season and on the menu.
Gourmet Gab
Fall weather is coming and it’s important to be spending as much time outside as possible and not in the kitchen. This time of year is perfect for pre-made meals and set-it and forget-it recipes. Luckily, Fortune Fish & Gourmet has everything you need to easily feed and put dinner on your customer’s table.
The Zen of Slow Cooking was started by two busy moms who liked the Zen effect that slow cooking had on their families. Each spice pack comes with a recipe suggestion on the back. From Julia Child’s Coq au Vin to Smoky BBQ- The Zen of Slow Cooking has something everyone will enjoy.
Meals don’t have to be in a crock-pot to be easy. Add Spicemode to any dish that could use some Indian spice for a flavorful and easy meal.  Spicemode handcrafts their cooking sauces with all-natural ingredients and tons of spices.  Growing out of flavorful recipes Amar Singh created for his Chicago food truck - Curry Cruiser.  The food truck has been parked for good, but his recipes live on to bring home.  
Is there anything easier than microwave meals? Café Spice has mastered the ease of a microwave meal, with the taste of a restaurant quality dinner. Growing up in New York City, Sameer Malhotra's father ran a fine Indian restaurant in New York. As a culture of casual dining emerged in the 90's, his family launched Cafe Spice, focusing on fun and experimentation, rather than fine-and sometimes stuffy. Now, partnering with Hari Nayak as Culinary Director, Cafe Spice brings the essence of Asia- exotic flavors, clean ingredients, and wonderful aromas- to customer's home no matter where they may be. 
Simple dishes don’t have to lack flavor- Minnesota-based Livia’s Seasoning Salt has been winning over chefs and families for generations and can bring flavor to any dish that typically calls for salt and pepper. Consisting of its proprietary blend of the “KEY3” ingredients, Kosher salt, coarse-ground black pepper and garlic, Livia’s brings flavors together with ease and allows them to shine authentically in any recipe. Reach out today and to try a sample for yourself and see how easy it is to fall for Livia's.

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