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We would like to start by thanking all our Veterans.  It is important to remember their sacrifices, because our freedoms do not come cheap.  In order to celebrate our incredible nation, you are going to need excellent fare.  


November is the true start of the South American Mahi season, and this year is no different.  Prices are falling, and quality is holding as more and more Mahi start to pour into the market.  This year is a La Nina year, meaning that there will be a cooling in the central and east-central Pacific.  This could affect some in-shore catches later in the season, but for now, the bite is strong.  Take advantage. 
West Coast Halibut season winds down this weekend, but we will continue to have fish available throughout the holidays.  After this week, we expect to have fresh Atlantic and re-freshed Pacific Halibut in stock.  That way this wonderful option doesn’t have to leave your kitchen just yet. 
Tropical Storm Eta is affecting the Stone Crab haul as harvesters are having difficulty with the high winds.  Claws will be tight this week, but hopefully we see some relief later on as crabbers get back to work.
The Nantucket Bay Scallop season got kick-started last week.  These highly sought-after gems are some of the sweetest morsels on Earth and, as usual, you are going to have to pay to get them.  The early catches are not quite robust enough to fill the demand, so don’t expect any relief for the first few weeks.  Hopefully, after the initial lust is satisfied and once other areas such as Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard get going, we will see some positive movement.  
Best buys this week include a bevy of East Coast species such as Monk, Skate, Black Bass, Fluke and Wild Striped Bass.  There are always more fish in the sea; let us help captain which will fit your needs the best.   


Gourmet Gab

Lecoq Cuisine was started in 1991 by Eric Lecoq with a youthful passion and an uncompromising commitment to product quality.  He uses his traditional French baking techniques to produce only the best Croissants, Danishes and Puff Pastry reminicent of his days in France.

Lecoq Cuisine was founded in a small rented garage in Port Chester, New York, and expanded from its humble beginnings into a 7200 sq. ft. facility in Stamford, Conneticuit.  As their reputation for quality grew, more space was needed. Currently, Lecoq Cuisine resides in a 80,000 sq. ft. state of the art bakery in Bridgeport, Conneticuit.

Lecoq Cuisine uses only the best, non-GMO, clean ingredients.  Lecoq uses 100% pure butter and all fillings are made in house.   Even the flour is chosen for its taste and not just its volume.  At reception, ingredients are carefully examined, tasted and tested to leave no room for error. Ingredients are carefully tracked all along the process.  Each production phase is recorded and measured against the high-quality standards of the company.  


The premium ingredients are slowly mixed.  Then the dough is fermented (up to 12 hours) which helps in the development of the flavors.  After the dough is fully fermented, it is time to laminate the dough.  A perfect lamination is an elegant balance of temperature and textures between the dough and the butter.  This is where the magic really starts to happen.  After a short rest the dough is sheeted to its final thickness before shaping and a ‘Croissant’ is born.  All products are then hand finished.

Fortune Fish & Gourmet offers a great selection of the Lecoq Cuisine products.  All breakfast pastry products come in raw and frozen.  They are all ready-to-bake, freezer-to-oven with an exceptional quality and pure butter flavor. This is truly an exceptional line of products, great tasting and high quality. We carry Croissants, Chocolate Croissants, Almond Croissants, a good selection of the Danishes & Savory Croissants along with blocks of Croissant and Danish doughs.

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