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April’s showers are in full bloom as storms run across the country and both coasts, but that doesn’t mean you have to catch the blues.  There are still plenty of species to be caught, and some are just coming into season.
The Mackerel and Striped Bass are finally on the move, but we will see interruptions in supply.  Mackerel will most likely be out for a week, but it could be a month or more before we see the Wild Striped Bass back in big numbers.  Be on the lookout for Black Bass landings or Pacifico Striped Bass to fill the hole that the Stripers leave.  There should also be good shots of Grouper and Snapper to suffice.
More interruptions are on the horizon, and in this case it’s for West Coast Halibut.  Although the season is underway, fishermen have taken time off for the Easter holiday and won’t be getting back to fishing until later in the week.  April is also delivering some spring storms in Alaska, making the catching part of this job a more difficult endeavor.  There will be fish to serve, it just may be a little pricier than last week.
Good news if you are on the hunt for flat fish, East Coast Fluke Flounder is in full force.  Fish are pouring out of Rhode Island recently since the quota was raised.  North Carolina is also contributing to the glut in the market as their season opened back up.  This week should see some great landings. 
Oregon Troll King Salmon season opened over the weekend to rough weather.  We are still waiting on hails for this fish, but get excited, Wild Salmon season is underway.  Although things don’t really get kicked off until the Copper River Fishery opens in mid-May, it’s always a treat when we can bring fish in sooner rather than later.  After the storms and showers abate, hopefully, we will see the catching get great.   
Gourmet Grab
If you are anything like us, in between the rain spouts, we grill when ever we can, especially now that we have been seeing some nice, warm weather! There aren’t many smells that signal spring like the smell of a wurst or hotdog on the grill. Chef Martin Old World Butcher Shop is a Fortune Exclusive brand that uses authentic recipes from Germany and Austria.
Chef Martin Wallner lived above his family’s butcher shop and was born to work with food, starting at age four. He grew to work with his grandfather, father, and uncle before eventually attending culinary school that led him to work in an Austrian restaurant. Chef Martin’s sausages are all-natural, and made in small batches to keep the consistency and high quality in all of his products.
Chef Martin makes everything from all pork breakfast sausages, to frankfurters, to curry bratwurst. His bratwurst is traditionally made with emulsified pork and veal, packed in pork casings, resulting in mild flavor and semi-soft texture. If you are looking for a little spice, the Andouille has a hint of sage and red pepper. Jalapeno Cheddar Bratwurst is made with jalapeños from Kankakee, Illinois, and Wisconsin cheddar cheese. And, for something more special, try the Boudin, which is a mild combination of pork, bacon, liver, truffle, and onions, traditionally served with rice and beans. If it is smoked sausages you like, try Chef Martins Smoked Polish with hints of ginger and nutmeg that can be served hot or cold.
Whether you are cooking for your family or friends at home, or work in a restaurant and want to get these premium sausages to your customers, ask your local grocer or Fortune Fish & Gourmet for Chef Martin.
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