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Snapper, American Red

FDA states that only American Red Snapper can be legally shipped interstate bearing the authentic Red Snapper label. The term Red Snapper has been used to describe almost any fish that is red. There are also many other fish marketed as “Snapper.” Red Snapper has large dog-like teeth, which gives it the “snapper” name. It is found from North Carolina along the coast of the United States through Texas and to the Campeche Bank off Mexico. Red Snapper has a pinkish meat that is lean, moist and sweet with a mild although distinctive flavor. It should be cooked with the skin on to help keep in moisture. Red Snapper should also not curl when it is cooked, which is a beneficial characteristic for chefs. In the state of Florida, it is illegal to sell red snapper with the skin removed for identification purposes. Red Snapper is caught by trawl and hook and line. It is a highly regulated fishery by NOAA, and in 2008 the fishery was cut by almost 50% to help the stock recover. They also put seasonal closures on the gulf Shrimp fishery, which is believed to be depleting the juvenile Red Snappers through by-catch and habitat destruction. 

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