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It’s time to light the grill fires as we kick the tires on September.  It’s already Labor Day, and fall is quickly gaining on us, despite what the temperature reads.  People will be looking to extend their weekend and their summer outside, and we have what you need to excite and entertain.  Here’s a look at what’s fresh for the grill. 
We loaded up on the ‘grillables’ this week, hunting down the best firm-fleshed favorites you can imagine.  First to bat, we have domestic Florida Amberjack right off the rod and reel.  The AJ, as they’re called in FL, are coming in whole and averaging over ten pounds each.  The meat is nice and white with firm, tender flake and sweet, briny flavor.  It’s similar to Mahi – another grill favorite that we offer – but can add an interesting change-up to your current menu.
From Hawaii we are seeing some beautiful Opah.  Known as the ‘Salmon of the Gods’, Opah meat is orange in color and rich in flavor.  It is leaner than Tuna and can really add some color to a poke bowl or a composed salad.  Opah always goes fast, so jump on the phone early to garner your share.
Oh yes, we will have Ono!  Ono, aka Wahoo, is a summertime favorite and our shipment is landing from Brazil just in time to feed your needs.  It’s one of the fastest fish in the sea and all that muscle translates into a meaty, lean, and tasty meat.  Supplies have been limited as of late, so don’t let this super fish pass you by.
We haven’t forgotten about the staples either.  We will have fresh Swordfish, Albacore, Halibut, Wild King Salmon, and Mahi Mahi for your dining pleasure.  The Swordfish catch is trending upwards, and the market is showing great value.  The King Salmon season may be winding down, but it’s going out with a huge bang.  Right now, we are seeing some of the best pricing and value all season.  Wherever your tastebuds lead you, we are here to keep you on course. 

Gourmet Gab
In addition to seafood, we have everything you need for grilling from brats to burgers and everything in between. Every industry took a big hit during the COVID 19 pandemic, and the meat industry is no exception. You may have noticed that prices for meat are a at a record high, and you may be wondering why. Fortune Fish & Gourmet is here to break it down for you and hopefully provide some clarity on a very confusing situation.

Simply put- major meat packers are struggling to meet demand and therefore the prices are rising as less and less product becomes available each week. Now let’s break that down. With the continued demand from the retail sector on the meat market, and with the influx of restaurants, hotels, and country clubs coming back and increasing ordering, major meat packers have not been able to process enough product week-to-week to cover all this demand. This explains the record high prices. Distributors are buying product much more in advance to ensure they don’t run out, thus resulting in the prices driving higher week after week. Ultimately, these high prices should deter some of the demand and hopefully level out the pricing and provide some relief.  

So, bear with us as we all try to navigate this crazy “post covid” world. We promise to continue to do our best to ensure that all our customers are getting a good quality product. In the meantime, get your Labor Day grilling orders in and hold on to summer as long as possible.

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