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As if we don't have enough disruptions in our lives right now, hurricane season was made official in Florida this weekend, and Isaias has continued to ravage the East Coast this week.  As residents prepared to take cover, boats were chased to shore by a middle-management hurricane.  Fishermen will try to get back out this week; most of the smaller vessels were hit hardest with long delays, but the good news for us is that we have a plethora of fresh fish and other wonderful items to offer to give the week a sunny outlook no matter what the days bring.  Here’s a look on the bright side…
The Mexican Octopus season kicked off this week, which could mean that Grouper supply tightens up a tad as many fishermen switch gears to go after the more lucrative mollusk.  We have you covered, though, as we have our domestic teams working hard on the line to deliver beautiful Red and Yellowedge Grouper caught off the coast of Florida.  Fish are ranging from five to fifteen pounds each and come tagged with traceability data. 
Wild Salmon seasons are winding down, but not out, as fresh Sockeye and Troll Kings continue to appear daily.  Both species are still performing spectacularly, cutting out with bright color and good fat.  Take advantage of Wild Salmon these next few weeks because once Mother Nature calls it quits, there won’t be any fish until 2021.
It may seem like the sun is getting closer after all these brutally hot weeks, especially if you’ve been monitoring the Great Lake’s water temps.  Currently lake fish such as Walleye, Trout, and Whitefish are in very short supply.  The fish just don’t bite when it’s this hot.  We will continue to have limited quantities until things cool down, so make sure to get with your Fortune representative early to get your name on the board for these in-demand species. 


Gourmet Grab

As hurricane season creeps in and the days grow shorter, it’s a must that we soak up the last summer rays before we head into to Fall.  Lucky for you, Fortune has an array of prepared foods that will keep light and bright for all your customers fitting in backyard and patio gatherings.

Pimento cheese, a southern food staple, is now starting to bless menus and store shelves alike across the country - which is a good thing for us north of the Mason-Dixon Line. Our good friends at Zingerman’s Creamery have put their culinary talents to work to create their version of Pimento cheese which translates into an imitable spread loaded with aged Cheddar cheese, roasted red peppers, mayonnaise and Tellicherry black peppercorns. Smear a heaping spoonful on a tomato bacon sandwich or serve it up as a dip to spice up veggies or crackers.

It is the Summer of Covid, and whether your customer is short on time or is tired of preparing elaborate meals, offer them a delicious quick fix product without the delivery fee. Look no further than Table 5 pizzas. These cornmeal crust pizzas are made by hand in small batches utilizing only premium all-natural ingredients. A variety of offerings are available to satisfy everyone’s preferences.

In a world that is getting more stressful by the day, Scott Bridi and staff at Brooklyn Cured are now slicing up some of their delicious charcuterie offerings into convenient pre-packaged options. Classic offerings of Finocchiona and hot and sweet Soppressata are perfect for a sandwich.  For the non-pork eater or someone looking for something new and exciting, their Bresaola with its bold Unami flavor is amazing. Whatever you choose, your taste buds will thank you!

However you plan to spend the remainder of the summer months, Fortune has a plethora of delicious foods that will have your guests raising a glass to thank you for your efforts.

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