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The blood and tears part may still be ahead of us, but, at least, the sweat part is gone.  Looks like we are turning our backs on the heat and ‘fall’ing forward into a delightful season.  With these next few remaining weeks of patio season, you can button up the summertime blues with a promising flourish.  Here’s to an electric finish.
Sword is the word.  Lots of beautiful Swordfish is being landed all over the globe.  Northeastern U.S. and Canadian fishermen are delivering Atlantic beauties to the dock daily.  At the same time, South American stalwarts such as Ecuador and Costa Rica are continuing to offer stellar fish.  This won’t last forever, so, for this week and next, Swordfish is a definite addition to your menu’s lineup.
Wild Striped Bass and Bluefish are feeding heavily in the Atlantic and the bite is on.  Look for post-Labor Day Wild Striped Bass to be more affordable and more available.  These fish are running 15 pounds and larger and arriving to us in excellent hook-and-line condition.  With the Stripers we get the Bluefish, and these flavorful fish need to be scooped as quick as you see them.  They are known to disappear overnight, so get your orders in early.
As the waters cool, we will get to see better quality Cod, Haddock, Monk, Skate, and Fluke.  Keep your eyes on these species as you transition your menus.  These Atlantic staples will be available, affordable and in peak flavor going forward. 
Florida fishermen hit on some beautiful Yellowtail Snappers this week, all in the perfect plate-size of 1-2 pounds.  These fish are line caught and have a tremendously sweet flavor.  Here’s your chance to ride-off into the sunset with some vibrant, vividly colored Yellowtails and end your summer with some delicious rays of sunshine.


Gourmet Gab

Recently we brought in a new line of Italian Desserts from Sweetaly, a company based in California. The company was started by four friends who grew up together in Rome, Italy. Their childhood was spent wandering through the many cafes tucked around the small ancient streets of Rome and eating amazing, freshly made desserts like Tiramisu.  Twenty years later, with food and friendship in common, the four friends’ paths crossed in California.  They decided to delve into the food world with one simple goal – to make great tasting, all-natural Italian desserts like they used to have back in Rome.  Thus, Sweetaly was born.

The artisanal Italian desserts are based on traditional recipes that came directly from Italy, using simple, natural ingredients. The seven different single serve desserts are all free of any artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners and preservatives. All ingredients are sourced from local sustainable farms. The milk and cream are 100% rBsT free. They only use organic pure cane sugar and pure non-GMO chocolate.


All seven varieties are currently available & in stock, perfect 3 oz. size individual portions in glass jars.

  • Dark Chocolate Moussa
  • Original Tiramisu
  • Salted Caramel Panna Cotta
  • Ricotta Cheesecake
  • Strawberry Ricotta Cheesecake
  • Lemon Ricotta Cheesecake
  • Key Lime Ginger Pie
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