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Summer excitement is kicking into high gear as people look to good food and drink to celebrate the beautiful days and festive nights.  You can keep the fireworks going with some sizzling items and fantastic specials.  Read below to find out how to get the most bang out of your bucks.
Striped Bass is going wild on the East Coast as Massachusetts, New York and Rhode Island have all jumped into the game.  The fish coming in are stunners, both in size and freshness.  These are monster-sized, hook and line caught specimens at a great price.  The bite is on!
Swordfish continues to be a top choice in terms of consistency and affordability.  Ecuador, Costa Rica and the U.S. are all contributing to this buyers’ market.  We have all sizes and cuts available, with beautiful blood lines and perfect, white meat.
Two other top-choice items for the grill are Albacore and Ono.  The Albacore fleet off the Southern East Coast U.S. delivered some beautiful fish with great fat content this week.  Fishermen were able to get after them between storm fronts, and we are benefitting.  The Ono are a by-catch from Ecuador boats and are averaging over 20 pounds dressed.  Both species will be great bets for any outdoor preparations.   
Snapper is hard to come by this summer, especially smaller fish.  If you are willing to utilize some different varieties, we do have farmed Pacific Snapper and wild Yellowtail Snapper available.  Both come in perfect plate sizes, ranging from 1 to 3 pounds and both can add a colorful flare to the table.  These fish have been rocketing off the shelves recently, so get your orders in early. 


Gourmet Gab

As we are embarking on the dog days of summer and folks are rushing here and there to mingling with friends and family, we here at Fortune would like to introduce some healthy snack bars that will help your customers beat the heat and hunger pains while going to and from summer activities.

Phyter Bars was born from a Healthful Habits, a health company that works with individuals to educate them on the importance of consuming a plant-based diet. A simple manufacturing process and minimal ingredient list results in an amazingly tasty and still somehow a heathy bar. Their bars are certified organic, gluten free, Kosher, non-GMO, vegan and soy free. If beets, brownies, sweet potatoes or berries sound appealing, these fruit and vegetable bars will hit the spot and possibly change the way your customers snack forever.

Another great on-the-go nutritious way to satiate hunger this summer is from the ladies at Skinny Souping.  Their soups make healthy eating effortless.  These soups come in simple, eye catching, reusable container that fits in a cup holder.  They are made from real ingredients, preservative-free, certified vegan and certified non-GMO.  Add this to your grab-and-go section and watch them fly out the door, just like your busy customers.

GFB bars and bites are perfect option for the active person with dietary restrictions or those who don’t.  As brothers who were both gluten intolerant and did not like the gluten-free food options available to them, Marshall and Elliot decided to create their own snacks, and that is how The GFB was born. Since its inception, their mission has been to make great tasting bars which are not only tasty but also loaded with protein from extraordinary recipes with clean ingredients. Not only wanting to craft a yummy gluten-free snack, but they also built and operate a Certified B Corporation where sustainability is integral to everyday life. Give your customers a head start to their day by stocking the Power Breakfast bowls or any of the bars or bites to take away for fuel throughout the day.

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