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The signs are all around us.  St. Patrick's Day is here, clocks are jumping forward, there are longer windows of daylight, and the doors of gorgeous weather are agape and teasing our senses.  Spring is here and it is bringing flowers of hope and happiness.  There is a palpable recognition that we deserve something wonderful, and we are going to will this season to start the good times.  Here are some updates on the fishes and dishes.
West Coast Halibut season kicked off with great success.  Fish were available over the weekend and it seems like it should continue into this week.  Landings are not robust to start – and some bad weather is causing delays, but we expect the parade of beautiful barn-doors to keep up with demand.  The early season catch is some of the best quality Halibut you will see all year long.
Speaking of flat fish, if you want a special this week that is going to shave costs, it must be Fluke.  We are seeing some of the best landings in years on this tasty, flaky fish.  From North Carolina to Massachusetts, fluke landings are everywhere to be had.  It’s a can’t miss this week for quality, value, and flavor.
The Grouper market tightened this week due to weather, landings, and demand.  The Gulf of Mexico is closed until April and the domestic boats are rotated out, so there could be some bumps this week in supply, especially late in the week.  Make sure to get with your sales rep to secure this sought-after species.
If you’re in the market for the perfect portion of lean, flaky, white meat, try our Icelandic Cod Loins.  These loins are cut from wild, line-caught Cod and come from the choicest part of the fillet.  They are sized 12 ounces and up and offer you a no fuss, no mess, just-the-best in portion control.  It’s the highest quality fish at the best cut.


Gourmet Gab

Every year around this time Midwesterners rejoice as the clock springs forward – jumping ever closer to the warm summer months.  This spring may feel a little different than ones in the past, however, as we have more to celebrate considering the long overdue break with the pandemic. With that in mind, let us dive into some of our offerings to get you in the mood for party planning.

Bounding into warmer months with opportunistic thoughts that we will soon be safely able to gather with friends and loved ones alike, you may be pondering what to serve at your first gathering.  Lucky for you our friends at Field and Farmer have you covered with their plant-based dressings and dips.  This Illinois-based certified B-Corp sources delicious, locally grown ingredients from farmers which are used to build the bases of their products.  As a part of their certification, they compost 100% of their food waste, reducing their environmental impact. Their bean-based party dips will surely add depth to any vegetable board, and any salad green will be tickled to be smothered with their skillfully arranged dressings. Whatever you choose from this line, your tastebuds and guests will be delighted alike!

On a spicy note, Steve and Anita Spencer, of Local Folks fame, have once again ratcheted up their culinary game and created a new line of mouthwatering pickles under the Grateful Gourmet brand. Utilizing local grown ingredients, each pickle is crafted to one-up the previous edition, giving challenge to those willing to gobble down their piping hot pickles. Their entry level sweet and sour is well balanced and makes a terrific garnish for a Nashville chicken sandwich.   After that, the game gets serious with the Fire and Inferno pickles. Next, they elevate the game with their 5 alarm Inferno pickle, which should carry a warning label about the seriousness of the heat, all the while remaining well balanced and crunchy. If you are in the hunt for a snack or garnish for a cocktail, this would be a terrific prize to take home!


However you find yourself spending the next few months, remember, food is not only a comfort for the human soul but also a necessity to sustain life.  As we all have experienced the past year, daily life and routine can be upended at a moment’s notice.  Don’t waste any time, great food and great moments wait for no one.   

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