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Hard to believe it, but we are already knocking on December’s door.  Before you know it, Christmas will be here and with it, most likely, more snow.  Right now, we are just getting over our turkey haze and in need of some lighter fare. To clarify, we are not pressuring you to start your resolutions early, but Fortune Fish & Gourmet has plenty of superfoods to make you feel better about over-indulging during the holidays.  "Superfoods” offer some very important nutrients that can power-pack your meals and snacks, and further enhance a healthy eating pattern. We may sound like a broken record but seafood is a good source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids, which help prevent heart disease.  Here is the scoop on seafood for this week and a Gourmet Grab that will warm you from the inside out.


Wild Striped Bass is being landed from Virginia to New York in ample doses and will be a good item to run this week.  Prices are stable and fish sizes are ranging from 5 to 15 pounds.  The majority of fish are line caught and of exceptional quality.
Black Sea Bass, John Dory, Porgy and Fluke Flounder are all available this week.  Though the East Coast has seen a lot of rain over the last few days, the fishing has been good.  Groundfish have also been a bright spot with plenty of Monk, Cod, Haddock, and Hake available.
Bay Scallops could be an issue later on in the week as colder weather is expected to the East.  When temperatures drop below freezing, Bay Scallops can’t be harvested.  Expect them to be limited later on this week into next.  Sea Scallop prices continue to rise, and I don’t think they have peaked yet.  Expect these traditional increases to continue for at least another few weeks.
Mahi production continues to be strong out of Panama and Costa Rica.  Guatemala and Ecuador production is light, but the aforementioned countries are more than adequate in filling in any gaps.  Expect the friendly pricing to continue.  This fish will remain a smart buy.
If you have noticed an increase in Tuna pricing, it is real, and it appears it will continue.  Fish are simply not grading out, so while the lesser quality fish are plentiful, there is a scarcity of #1 and #2+ grades.  We don’t expect this to improve in the near future.
If you are looking for something NEW or a milder alternative to Salmon, you may want to try Steelhead Trout from Riverence.  Riverence Trout are raised in land-based, outdoor raceways without the use of any hormones or antibiotics.  The farm is located along the Snake River, keeping the fish close to their natural environment.  Fillets are hand cut and can be traced back to the egg, ensuring complete quality control.  The flavor is exceptionally clean, and much milder than farmed salmon varieties. 


Gourmet Grab

The first of many snowfalls has begun and with the impending wind chill always a factor, sometimes warming yourself from the inside out is the best way to cope with these frigid temperatures. A warm “lift” to start your day is always advised and it’s even better when that “lift” is USDA Organic, Non-GMO, vegan, and kosher.  Enter Vigilant Eats and their grab n’ go “superfood cereals.”


Started in Bloomington, Indiana, this brand of convenient oatmeals is ideal for that front-of-store, grab n’ go area at large and small retailers alike (coffeehouses too), as these cups offer a myriad of unique flavors. From goji berries & cacao, to a banana chia, to a rosemary thyme sweet potato, there’s something convenient and healthy for everyone. Plus, all ingredients are low on the glycemic index, making for lasting and stable energy release all-day long.


Simply just add hot water, cold water, or milk and you have a nutritious, portable meal to satisfy your morning hunger. So next time you’re in the rush out the door on a wintery morn, think of Vigilant Eats to get your day started off wholesome and right.

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