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It feels like Fall is already here; the winds are blowing cold, we’ve had our first hurricane visit from Fiona, and next week is October – National Seafood Month! The air is electric, everything is pumpkin again, and it’s time to enjoy the cool breezes, changing colors, and the sweet treats looming in the distance.  Now, it is more important than ever to keep those healthy summer trends going and celebrate the upcoming month with the perfect protein.  Here is what’s comin’ off the docks this week. 
Fall Fluke is some of the best of the year.  These flatfish are landing all along the East Coast in a variety of ways.  From Pound-nets to Bottom Trawls, we are seeing record numbers being caught this week.  We have all sizes available, and the quality of the fillets is amazing.  Pair it with succulent crabmeat, and you have a dish that hits all the notes.
The Wild Salmon season is dwindling down to a crawl.  It was a great run this year with plenty of Sockeye, King, and Coho Salmon to go around.  The Sockeye season lasted a little longer this year, to everyone’s delight, and we are still being offered some Net Kings out of the Columbia River.  We aren’t bringing in much, so be sure to get ahead with our sales team if you have any needs.  Now is a great time to check out some of our premium Farmed Salmon such as Skuna Bay, Ora King, Verlasso, and Loch Duart brands.

Swordfish and Mahi are still running strong.  Typically, you will see some of the best value for these species in the month of October.  Both are no-brainers when it comes to menu items and getting the most out of your food cost.  We are also continuing to see Ono available and intend on stocking this fish into the winter.  Off the East Coast of the US and the cool waters of Tahiti, we are getting in some fancy Albacore.  It’s a sustainable Tuna option that is very versatile and allows you the room to get really creative with plate design.   Get your head out of the can and think fresh about the potential of this underutilized pelagic.


Gourmet Gab

Fortune is jumping on the Butter Board bandwagon.  Never a substitute for the OG Charcuterie board, but who doesn’t love butter.  We have a variety of butter options for you.  Farmhouse Kitchens, a third-generation Wisconsin creamery creates small batch churned butter with 84% butterfat.  Another Wisconsin producer, Nordic Creamery creates seasonal butters representative of natural feeds the cows are consuming in the summer and fall months.  They also make flavored butters- basil, maple, and cinnamon butter.   If you are looking to take your butter board next level, might we suggest Urbani Truffles Truffle Butter for the perfect balanced mixture of butter and truffles.
To top it all off, there are unlimited options.  These are a few of our fall favorites that will elevate your spread. 

  • Mikes Hot Honey, honey with a kick, it is a sweet-heat combo of honey infused with chili peppers that adds the perfect kick to your butter board, fried chicken, BBQ, cheese, cocktail, dressings, marinades, and even ice cream.  The possibilities are endless.
  • Sun-Dried Black Mission Figs from Woodland Foods have a sweet, mellow earthy flavor and their black to dark purple color is a visual contrast to the pale butter tones.
  • Fortune has a couple stand out Prosciutto options for bulking up your butter board.  Creminelli combines sea salt and pork with a blend of Old World traditions and modern techniques to create beautiful flavor profiles in their domestically produced prosciutto.  Cibo Italia works with the best and some of the oldest families in Italy and personally oversee the selection of their prosciutto.  You cannot go wrong no matter which you choose.
  • Use Dalmatia Fig Spread if you prefer smooth spreadable layer verse the chewy texture of the dried version. This Sofi award winning spread is crafted using figs from the Mediterranean region and cooked with great care to create a rich, full-bodied, fruity flavor.
  • The Balsamic Crema Glaze from Acetomodena combines the refined balsamic vinegar of Modena IGP and the sweetness of cooked grape must to create a glaze with a unique and well-balanced bouquet.  The glaze has the elegant flavors of Acetomodena balsamic but the thicker sticky consistency that is perfect for a butter board, or grilled vegetables, or a fruit salad, or ice cream…



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