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Getting caught up in the rush and bustle of the holiday season is understandable.  We are all going so fast and furious that it’s easy to forget what we are doing and what we are doing it for.  Reflecting on how lucky we are, this is the perfect time and space to talk about how we can all give back.  SeaShare is the perfect vehicle to bring your well wishes into motion. 
SeaShare operates within the web of the seafood industry, connecting suppliers, vendors, restaurants and end-consumers in an effort to support the Feeding America food bank. SeaShare facilitates the receiving and distribution of donations in the form of gifts, transportation, and service.  Millions of pounds of food get wasted every year while millions of people go hungry.  SeaShare connects the dots and moves within the industry, making meals out of missed opportunities.
  You can give back by joining SeaShare directly through their or, indirectly, by purchasing seafood from Fortune Fish and Gourmet.  We are big contributors to SeaShare and donate regularly, so purchasing from Fortune supports SeaShare.  Working together and giving back not only provides vital nutrients to hungry people in the form of the perfect protein, but also assists in eliminating waste from our food system and paves the way for a healthier tomorrow. 
Gourmet Grab
Twas the week before Christmas, when all through the house, all the humans were stirring, trying to find the last-minute gifts for their spouse. Building a basket of goodies will do the trick, here’s some suggestions worthy of good ole’ St. Nick. 
Everyone uses salt, so why not treat your favorite people with the world’s favorite salt.  Maldon sea salt flakes are soft and crunchy, with a fresh, clean, intense taste.  Maldon offers the perfect balance of natural minerals to enhance any food dish. You can also try the smoked version, where the salt flakes are gently smoked over oak, adding a rich sophisticated flavor. Maldon products are approved by the Organic Food Federation and are Kosher certified.
Want to impress the home chef in your life, then look no further than a Yuzu infused olive oil?  Omed’s yuzu olive oil is less acid and more aromatic than the current citrus products in the market. With Omed’s, the yuzu rind is crushed with Arbequina olives giving the oil a distinct softness and sweet flavor.  It can be used in any dish calling for orange, lemon, or lime and is perfect for flavoring anything from vanilla ice cream to pesce crudo.

Got a person who has an affinity for spicy foods on your list, then nab them a bottle BLIS Blast Hot Sauce.  Aged up to a year in oak barrels that once housed Kentucky bourbon, BLIS Blast Hot Sauce is a complex hot sauce with a strong kick of chilis combined with hints of chocolate, maple, garlic, and vanilla. Apply liberally to chicken wings, chili or any dish calling for added heat.

Whether they have been naughty or nice, try Mike’s Hot Honey.  While studying in Brazil, Mike Kurtz, founder of Mike’s Hot Honey, was introduced to honey infused with chilies. As an apprentice at a Brooklyn pizzeria, he introduced the team to his hot honey which soon became a hit with regulars.  Pretty soon customers started requesting take home bottles and a few months later, a business was born. Try drizzling the delicious concoction over pizza, mild cheeses, or add it to a heaping bowl of chocolate ice cream.
Snacks can be the ultimate stocking stuffer, so if you are looking for a healthy, yet delicious alternative, try Ka-Pop! chips.  Ka-Pop! snacks are a way to get your guilty pleasure noshing in without all the guilt.  Their ancient grains snacks are free of the top 12 allergens, gluten free, and Non-GMO made.  You can replace Santa’s cookies this year with a bag of Ka-Pop! to help the big guy get down the slimmest of chimneys.  
Another way to keep in the spirit of giving back, we urge you to consider stocking your oyster bars with Silver Bells oysters.  For the next two weeks, a portion of every Silver Bells oyster purchase will make its way back to support Toys For Tots.  Silver Bells are grown in the nurturing waters off Wellfleet, Massachusetts.  They are large and plump with salty meats and they finish with crisp, seaweed notes.  Giving back can be as delicious as it is rewarding. 
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