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This weekend is Father’s Day, and while dads are off the hook when it comes to chores, seafood should be on the line when it comes to catering the festivities.   Dietary Guidelines continue to increase the recommended portions of seafood for U.S. consumers, highlighting the fact that seafood is the healthiest animal protein available.  So, when you're deciding what to treat dad to on his special day, head towards the seafood counter.
Although Copper River Season turned into a complete bust, other areas including Resurrection Bay, Prince William Sound, King Cove, and Sand Point are all opening and producing some great fish, especially Sockeyes.  The prices on wild Salmon will continue to trickle downward as the market corrects, and you can expect to see some good landings as we get closer to the Bristol opening, barring any bad weather.  Another brief opening to look for is the Yukon Keta.  The Yukon is the longest river in the wild Salmon fishery, resulting in the fattiest, tastiest fish.  The Yukon Keta have more omega 3s and more fat than Sockeye, usually at half the cost.  The season lasts only about a month, so be on the look out for these great fish.
Farmed Salmon production out of the Faroes is finally coming back into form.  Expect our premium farmed fish out of this area to be available once again.  The rest of the Salmon market should react accordingly with more product in the market, so we are hoping to see prices come back down to beginning of the year levels. 
The East Coast Carolina Shrimp season will be severely delayed due to cooler water temperatures.   Shrimp growth seems to be stunted due to the chilly water temps, so don’t expect this season to get going on time.  There have been some good landings out of the Gulf, so don’t hesitate to look a little further south for your Fresh Shrimp needs.  Browns and Whites are being harvested right now, with Pinks to follow.
Following historical trends, the Lobster market is inching up, as we get closer to shedding season.  We should start to see shedders in the next 2-3 weeks.  Soft Shelled Lobsters are great fare, though you must eat them pretty close to the source since their shelf life greatly decreases when they are in this state.  For this reason and meat fill, Fortune only sources hard shell lobsters.  In the meantime, expect hard shell prices to stiffen. 
You don’t know Ono until you’ve had Hawaiian Ono, also known as Wahoo.  This week Hawaii is shipping line caught specialties such as Ono, Opah, and Monchong.  These species are indicative of true Hawaiian cuisine, meaning the fish are harvested by hook and line and are available extremely fresh.  Flown to Fortune only hours after auction, these fish can enliven any grill.  All three species hold up well on a grill, and their exotic flavors take on an array of marinades perfectly.   


Gourmet Grab

If Dad is more of a meat and potatoes man, there’s no better way to celebrate the man who makes up our biological better half than a steamy pile of tender pulled pork. Enter Lillie’s Q’s Smoked Pork Shoulder.

Lillie’s Q, known for their Wicker Park barbecue joint in Chicago and popular line of regionally-inspired barbecue sauces, this is just another stand-out offering from a well-respected, local institution. This unconventional pork shoulder (7-8 lbs piece) is unique in that it comes fully-cooked and ready to go. Simply re-heat and your dad can sit-back and enjoy the pulled pork sandwich he’s been craving.

Sourced exclusively from Compart Family Farms (Nicollet, MN), this Duroc pork is the highest-quality you can find on the market. Smoked over peach wood and vacuum-sealed immediately after cooking (to retain its moisture), this is one succulent piece of swine.


While pricier than its uncooked counterpart, this option is great for dads, country clubs, hotels, and any foodservice locations that are watchful of labor costs and looking for an easy-to-use protein option. Keep in mind, it comes without sauce, so you’re not charged sauce weight and you can have the flexibility to flavor it the way you want.


Enjoy this great pork option, responsibly, this Father’s Day weekend… dads will thank you for it. 

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