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Oysters - East Coast - Crassostrea virginica


Walk into any bayside oyster pub along the Massachusetts shoreline and you may notice an old Irish tradition when it comes to enjoying oysters. From Galway to Plymouth descendants from the Emerald Isle have cherished the little “gem of the sea” with a spot of whiskey. It’s said that adding a wee bit of the malt to the empty shell for a quick chaser is the perfect way to taste the ocean spirits. The oyster’s natural “liquor” blends with the whiskey like salt and sea spray. We definitely think the Irish are on to something here!
There’s a toast heard around the tables as oyster shells clink at the pubs where O’Scanny’s are served; “May our oysters slide down and your spirits rise up!”
Out in the big bay, in the flats off Plymouth, Massachusetts where strong tidal surges come in from Cape Cod, a special kind of oyster flourishes. In cold, pristine waters that are nutrient rich, they are exactly what a cold-water Irishman’s oyster should be. The taste of O’Scanny Oysters embody the clean and crisp waters from which they’re harvested, creating an oyster that is sweet and salty at the same time. This distinctive taste and their great texture make O’Scanny Oysters the perfect half shell ...and remember that half shell is great for a wee bit of the Irish too.


Tasting Notes: sweet and salty whiskey taste

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