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Cool nights and warm colors are coming our way, riding the winds of fall into October.  We are officially one week in, and pumpkin fever has already latched on.  The flavor seems to be everywhere, even in our Swordfish, so if you are looking to match the fish to the season, we are here to help. 
Yes, that wasn’t a slip of false hope, we have been seeing some Pumpkin Swordfish this week coming out of Florida and the Mid-Atlantic.  Quantities are always limited, we usually only see 1 for every 100 fish, so be diligent about requesting updates from our sales team.  Outside of Pumpkin Swords we are seeing some beautiful domestic and imported Sword.  The fish are running fatty, putting on winter weight, and the market price is coming down.  It’s a great item to run this week.
Keeping it orange, Coho continues to show up and we will have another week of Wild Salmon.  Unfortunately, the King Salmon are getting too far upriver and are not cutting out with the quality we like.  We are passing on Kings for the moment but will have plenty of Coho to keep it going.
The Mid-Atlantic Fluke season is on, and the pound netters are producing gorgeous fish with nice white bellies.  Fluke fillet is firm, mild and silky sweet and pairs well with just about anything.  If crudo is your jam, you can’t beat fluke for the price point and quality.
Massachusetts Wild Striped Bass season wrapped up last weekend with the quota being met, so, we will begin to source fish from the Chesapeake Bay area.  We have already started to see some smaller fish, and it’s only a matter of time before the big fish start showing up.  This is a fish with fatty, bacon-like skin, that pairs great with rich root vegetables.  Pick the pumpkins, gather the spices, and pickle the summer, fall is here, and so are we, to help you turn a new leaf.   
Gourmet Gab
As mentioned above, we are officially one week into fall. The weather is getting cooler, kids are (finally) back to school, and it’s time to start enjoying all the delicious flavors that fall has to offer.
With school starting up again, so are school lunches. Luckily Fortune has exactly what you need to make sure your customers are stocked up on lunch box snacks. Mullen’s Applesauce is made with the very best all-natural ingredients and contains no preservatives. Mullen's is brought to you by disabled Chicago police officer Jim Mullen who was shot and left paralyzed in October of 1996 while answering a citizen’s call for help. Mullen's Applesauce donates a portion of its proceeds to the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation, so you can feel good about purchasing this product and offering it to your customers.
Nothing says fall flavors quite like spiced nuts and Treat Bake Shop has the best of the best. All their spiced and candied nuts are made in their own small Wisconsin kitchen.  Cooked in small batches, using simple ingredients, ensuring the best quality results in a result that is something special. From kids to adults alike, your customers are sure to love these spiced nuts.
Fall isn’t complete without dessert, and of course that dessert must include pumpkin. Taste It Presents conceives, creates, and customizes handcrafted, gourmet desserts for foodservice and retail in-store bakeries. They offer a wonderful Pumpkin Praline Cake that is seasonally available. We have it in stock right now so be sure to get your hands on it and contact your Fortune sales rep to order.
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