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Our industry has been rocked with setbacks the last few months, culminating with last week’s looting and destruction.  It feels as if everything that can be thrown at us has been, including the kitchen sink.  Yet, here we are, on the brink of Father’s Day and Summer, prepping and persevering.  In the midst of all the healing that needs to happen, we are here to spread the message of hope, and love, and equality by opening our doors and our tables to the opportunity to break bread together.  Our businesses provide a space for all people to converge and share their food, their ideas, their heartbreak, and their joy.  This industry is built around strong individuals that have a calling and who, when tried, will refuse to surrender.  Ours is a passion, not a profession.  We can’t solve all the problems in a day, or go back to the way it was, but we can start putting new pieces together for a better tomorrow.  Here are some options to help feed those who are hungry for some good news. 
Copper River Salmon catches are dwindling, but we have fresh openings to save the day.  Resurrection Bay and Sand Point have started to produce beautiful red Sockeye, and you can expect friendlier pricing compared to the Copper River.  We will also see our first Southeast Alaska Troll King Salmon this week.  These fish are landing 11 pounds and higher and are handled with a detail to quality. 
Patio weather means fish fresh off the grill, and we can get your menus geared in the right direction with favorites such as Ecuadorian Swordfish and Mahi.  If you’re looking to add some flare, we are also bringing in Tahitian Opah racks, flying in just in time for the weekend.
In Rhode Island, the Black Bass are being reeled in daily.  The freshness is apparent in the beautiful iridescent blue hues that don some of the male fish’s heads.  You can also see the quality of these fish reflected in the bright red gills or their gleaming, pearly meat. 
There is no better time to offer fresh, live Maine Lobster than right now.  Demand is low, so they are at their most affordable point for the year.  Fresh cooked Lobster jumps off any menu and it can really bolster an already beautiful plate of pasta.

The Mid-Atlantic is producing a bounty of other offerings including Bluefish, Mackerel, Sole, Wild Striped Bass, and Day Boat Scallops.  We are here to help you with the fresh ingredients you need to right the course of this ship.


Gourmet Grab

As states ease recent pandemic restrictions and many Americans tiptoe back into the world, others are flocking to resuming activities that have been on hiatus the past few months. Neither right nor wrong, one thing can be sure is that humans need interaction and love from one another.  One can rest assured we will find ways to safely reconnect with family, friends and neighbors going forward. Coinciding with easing measures, we find ourselves with longer, warmer days, and the need to spend time outside basking in the sun’s rays. Fortunately, we at Fortune have ample supplies on hand to serve your patio guests and backyard cookouts alike.


If you are in the mood for beef, look no further than CDK steaks and burgers. Grass fed and grain finished cuts are on ample supply as Chad Bicker and team raise 100% Black Angus cattle from birth to harvest, and slaughter on a weekly basis in Northwest Illinois. Pastured raised and free of added antibiotics, their cuts are highly marbled and finish with a super clean flavor.

Looking for a BBQ sauce that can stand up to CDK meats, look no further than LocalFolks line of sauces made from simple ingredients on their family farm in Sheridan, Indiana. No matter if you are a traditionalist looking for a thick and sweet sauce, or more adventurous and looking to kick it up with LocalFolks Habanero sauce. They have a sauce for everyone!


Thirsty? We got you covered. With Fix you can create cocktails from one of their signature syrups made with real cane syrup, 100% non-GMO ingredients, and half the sugar as traditional syrups. Or, grab yourself a bottle of still or sparkling Sant Aniol water, sourced from a spring formed 40,000 years ago in the La Garrotxa Volcanic Park. Revered for its many health benefits and unrivalled purity, their low mineral content waters are appealing to many, especially those who on low sodium diets.


However, you choose to return post pandemic, we look forward to supplying goods that compliment everyone’s pace to a more normal way of life.

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