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Writing “2022” on correspondence just doesn’t feel natural yet.  It’s too new, surreal, like we are pretending to be in some future date while the rest of the world has stopped moving.  But alas, we are here, our feet kicking to gain traction on the nascent ground of what is to become another chapter of a spinning earth.  The rules are continuously changing, so we would like to offer a few constants you can count on while looking for stable ground.  At least for the week ahead…
The year ended with Wild Striped Bass being a reliable option, and 2022 is beginning the same way.  Supply continues to show up and we are seeing a mix of sizes.  This fish is a stable menu option for January and should be considered a good draw.
If you’re burned out on salmon and are looking for a milder substitute that is just as constant, try Arctic Char.  Char are farm-raised cousins of salmon that offer the omegas without the overwhelming flavor.  The fish are sustainably raised in Iceland and fillets are manageable in size, averaging about 8 ounces each.  You won’t have to worry about quality because fish are harvested to order, and supply is very consistent. 
The fresh West Coast Halibut season won’t begin until March, but, in the meantime, we have pristine Farm-raised Norwegian Halibut and previously-frozen Alaskan Halibut to keep your white tablecloths full.  The Norwegian product has been perfected from years of farming and are some of the freshest examples of halibut you can find.  Our frozen Halibut is entirely from the 2021 harvest with no holdovers from previous years or old fish that could have been temperature abused.  We slack it out to order, guaranteeing you get the best product.
A few items to make note of: Snapper and Grouper quotas are being reset this week for the new year.  This could cause some delays getting fish to start your January menu off with.  Fresh Lobster meat production will wane in the coming weeks.  The picking season won’t get going again until the early spring, so if you use fresh meat, you may have to temporarily switch to frozen.  Wild West Coast groundfish such as Dover Sole and Rockfish will be weather dependent.  Rough storms will cause delays - it is something you can count on for the winter months.  Another year, another round of seasonality.  Change is the only constant - Happy New Year!


Gourmet Gab

The holiday season may be over, and the parties may have come to an end, but having a stocked fridge and proper hydration will never not be in season.
As the months turn colder, hydration is key to staying healthy. Unlike many hydration drinks, COCO5 doesn’t use anything artificial in their product. They combine the powerful hydrating properties of young coconut water with all natural flavors to create a hydration beverage for any time of day or night.  Uniquely clean, refreshing and delicious - nothing artificial, ever.
Staying awake is just as important as staying hydrated- and we have the perfect fix for you. Dark Matter Coffee is local to Chicago, and the city’s most innovative coffee importer and roaster. They have a variety of unique flavors from Vanilla Suburbs, made with a mix of coffee, vanilla, and cocoa, to Chocolate City that is the perfect combo of cocoa and coffee.
Speaking of the perfect fix, Fix Cocktail Simple Syrups are the perfect accompaniment to any bar cart or base for any non-alcoholic beverage, for those participating in Dry January. Their line of cocktail syrups are made with real cane sugar, 100% non-GMO and use half the sugar of conventional syrups.  As with all their products, they believe the fruit should be the forward flavor, not the sweeteners. These are syrups worthy of the top shelf spirits.

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