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This weekend, take the opportunity to give a friendly fist-bump and smile to any and all military personnel you see.  It’s important to appreciate and honor those who have given the ultimate sacrifice to ensure our freedoms.  This weekend is the perfect time for such reflection.  It’s also a golden opportunity to celebrate the life, liberty and fellowship we too often take for granted.  Here’s what’s fresh…
Copper is gold this week as first of the season Sockeye is running wild.  After a couple of openings, the price remains high, mostly due to light harvests and heavy demand.  The color on the fish is a remarkable red and fish are getting to us just hours from harvest.  Thanks to some terrific vendors, we have an ample supply of some really beautiful product.
Bad weather and a Gulf Depression have us depressed about Red Snapper offerings.  If you are thinking of running Snapper this week, have substitutions ready.  Fish has been tight for the last two weeks, and this week is worse, especially on smaller sizes.  Black Seabass would be an ideal switch for smaller fish needs and Golden Tile or Wild Striped Bass are both great options for fillets.
Speaking of Wild Striped Bass, the Long Island fishing season is heating up.  We have some Montauk beauties in house, with more on their way.  These fish are hook and line caught and are a minimum of 22 inches.  This size is ideal for cutting nice, thick fillets that cook up white and flaky.
Bluefish run with the stripers in New York, and we are finally getting some good-sized fish in this run.  Long Island Bluefish is line-caught and some of the best eating fish around.  They are packed with flavor and offer a bounty of healthy fats and oils.  These fish usually disappear quickly, so get your fix in while the bite is on. 

Gourmet Gab

School is winding down and Memorial day is upon us.  We remember those that served our country and we gather with friends either at a restaurant, park or backyard to eat something tasty off the grill. Luckily, Fortune has a variety of options that will serve you well.


Protein is the center of the plate and star of the show.  Ask your sales rep about Fortune's Waygu offerings or try something from our new selection of proteins from Niman Ranch.  If pork is your preference, we have some incredible Iberico grilling steaks that simply melt in your mouth. You cannot go wrong with one of chef martin’s sausages that are traditionally made with premium ingredients.  They are tasty and sure to be a crowd pleaser. 

Every lead or star of the show is complimented by back-up singers.  Fortune can supply you with the condiments that are the perfectly in tune with the center of the plate.  A few of our favorites come from Local Folks Foods.  Using fresh Midwest farm ingredients, Steve the founder makes a great ketchup with an ingredient list you would show off to your grandma.  His BBQ sauces are the trick to keeping that meat on the grill from drying out.  Lastly, his mustards cover the gamet from the spicy red jalepeno to a traditional stone ground mustard and a the savory dill variety.

Another recent brand to the Fortune line up is Pitmaster LT’s Kansas City style sauces.  Pitmaster LT is a proud U.S. Army veteran and in 2016 started bottling up his sauces and putting his secret rubs for sale.  They are available in both classic and spicy, along with the spice rubs being divided up between beef and lamb, and pork and poultry.  If you need a sample for the restaurant or retail simply ask your sales rep.

No matter which protein and condiment you choose,  be safe and take a moment to enjoy being with those you love as gathering has taken a whole new meaning in the past year. 

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