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The trees are enflamed by the bright leaves, dressing the streets in tiny campfires of color.  The autumnal changing of the guard is uncloaking right before our eyes and the brilliant spectacle has got us thinking…it’s time to talk turkey!  The feast of the season will be here before you know it, so get your birds in a row and wine pairings ready.  Whether it’s securing the perfect bird or navigating the next storm, the Fortune team is here to help.
We are seeing better numbers every week on Great Lakes’ species, especially Walleye.  Whitefish, Lake Trout, Perch, and Walleye are well stocked, and fishing seems to be on the up and up.  Whitefish and Walleye are mostly #1 in size, with only a limited number of jumbo fish.  Look for the smaller sizes to be more plentiful and a better value.
The boats are back out in the gulf, and we are getting gorgeous American Red Snapper in return.  All sizes are available, and we are seeing some beautiful day-boat, hook and line caught quality.  Whether it’s small, plate-sized fish or thick-portioned fillets, we have fish to meet your needs.
The Mahi Mahi are once again running wild and plentiful.  Costa Rica, Panama, and Ecuador are producing some of the biggest and brightest fish of the season.  Costs are trickling down and the time is right to offer up Mahi on the menu.
Holidays are right around the corner and supply lines aren’t much clearer than they were a year ago.  It’s prudent to start thinking now about mainstay items such as Oysters, Caviar, Ham, and - the all-important – Turkey.  Let us be your little helpers during the busy times ahead!


Gourmet Gab Turkey Talk

The good, the bad, and the ugly...there continues to be uncertainty in the turkey producing world (and poultry at large) due to factors like Avian Bird Flu and processing labor.  Turkeys are projected to be limited again this holiday season, so please talk to your sales representatives and get your orders in early.  Fresh turkeys will arrive the week of 11/14.

One of Fortune’s featured turkey producers is Ferndale Market. Dale Peterson founded the farm in 1939, choosing the location because it was best suited for growing turkeys outdoors. Shortly after, Dale married Fern, and together they fostered a family farm tradition that still proudly bears their name. Now in its third generation, the family continues to grow free-range turkeys, providing them plenty of room to roam outdoors during the temperate months. The turkeys grow at nature’s pace, without the use of antibiotics or artificial growth hormones.  They enjoy constant access to their natural diet of grains and seeds, with Ferndale’s custom blended mix of vitamins and minerals. They take pride in creating an environment that maintains the turkey’s health without medication. All Ferndale Market turkeys are processed naturally, without additives, at a USDA facility and fully cooked products are cured without nitrates. When you believe in the quality of your product, like they do, there’s no reason to mask the flavor with sodium or additives. 

If we are talking all things turkey, let's not forget Fortune's latest addition - Tempesta Smoked Turkey.  They start by brining the turkey for 24 hours in a flavorful marinade of warming spices and maple sugar.  Folowing this luxurious bath, the bird is very lightly coated in complementing spices and hot-smoked, where it takes on a deep amber color through to its finish.  The bird is cooked in full, then chilled, resulting in an incredibly moist a delicately textured meat when sliced that will elevate any deli counter and/or sandwich on your menu.  


These are only a couple of Fortune's Turkey offerings.  If we listed them all, you would be here all day.  Please reach out to your sale representative for your turkey and Thanksgiving needs as soon as possible to save you the headache as the season closes in. 



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