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We are going to roll the clocks forward this weekend and hopefully get a running start into Spring.  It’s time to catch the days by the tail.  In order to get ahead, you must find the savings, those hiding and those right under your nose.  It’s not easy in a topsy-turvy world such as Seafood, but with some attention and a little help from Mother Nature, you just may make it into the next season leaning forward instead of falling backward.
Fluke, Flounder, from the East Coast continues to be a bargain fish.  Rhode Island and Virginia are producers right now and both states have good quota.  Massachusetts fish will be showing up shortly, and this delicious and versatile species will be around for a few weeks to come.
West Coast Halibut won’t be around until after March 16th, but there is Norwegian farmed fish available now that is stunning.  These fish are raised on land in raceways and offer a sustainable, superbly tasting product to fill in the gap.  Prices are very attractive for this premium item, so it could be a great option to buoy your menu until the wild fish markets balance out.
Friday night fish frys are just getting started, and Fortune is your home for reliable, tasty options.  From the East Coast we are seeing some gorgeous Haddock, Hake and Pollack fillets.  These are skin off for easy portioning and the fisheries are currently stable.  From the West Coast you can try cost effective species such as Rockfish and Dover Sole.  These fillets are perfectly portioned, about 4 to 6 ounces, and cook quickly for fast table turns.  Each option is mild and flaky, which means your seasonings will shine. 
This week will see some tightening on Mahi and Swordfish as supply has stunted.  Last week was Carnivale for many South American countries, which means a week of no fishing.   This hiatus presses the pause button on supply, and it will be a week or more before we see the market rebound.  This is a good time to think about other meaty options like Albacore and Ono.  These gems are there, hidden in plain sight.  There’s always savings to be had, you just have to use a little creativity. 


Gourmet Grab

No one likes losing time because of Day Light Savings.  One way to make up for the lost hour is to get creative and reduce your meal prep.  Cooking food from scratch is both rewarding and delicious but it takes time.  What better way to get some time back is to find some really tasty products where some of that cooking has already been done for you.    We have a few for you to try.

Normally, fully cooked eggs that have been done ahead of time seem to dry out and get spongy.  Sous-Vide Egg Bites from the folks at Triois Petits Cochons buck the trend.  They are cooked in the traditional French method of sous-vide, which leaves them incredibly tender and moist.  Besides using cage-free eggs, they have added some amazing flavors: like ham, cheddar and chili pepper, or one of the crowd pleasers of Prosciutto and Gruyere.  No matter which flavor or method of reheating you chose, you can’t go wrong in both flavor and time saved.

Another of our favorite snacks or mini meals on the go are the snack packs from Creminelli.  Cristiano has been making salami here in the USA for just over a decade, but his roots of salami making go back a lifetime in Europe.   All over Europe a simple meal can consist of bread, cheese, charcuterie and wine.  While we cannot supply you with the wine, we have the perfect solution for the cheese and salami.  Each snack pack from Creminelli pairs a salami, that has been made using humanly raised pork without the use of antibiotics, with a European style cheese.  Both the cheese and salami are pre sliced and ready to be enjoyed.  No cooking needed, thus your saving on time but not flavor nor enjoyment. 

While saving time on your meal usually means compromising flavor or enjoyment, these options and many more that we carry at Fortune Gourmet do nothing but save you time while increase your everyday flavor consumption.  We hope you will try these out soon if you already haven’t. 

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