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While there are plenty of real-world problems to keep us up at night, the week of Halloween is a perfect time to take a break from the burdens of reality and embrace the ghosts and ghouls of our childhood.  You know, the ones that kept us up at night only to disappear with a flip of a light switch or a check under the bed.  Sometimes it’s ok to escape into the fifth dimension for a little reprieve.  Maybe we are all due for a little treat and a few tricks.  Here’s a look at some scary good offers, follow us, if you dare.
Want to sink your teeth into something delicious this week?  Try fresh domestic Red Grouper.  Post-hurricane fishing can be some of the most fruitful, and our USA fishermen are proving that to be a verifiable truth.  We are seeing an exciting supply of frightfully good Grouper out of the Gulf.  The current market is the best of the year, and we urge you to dive into the deep end.

You can serve up your own full moon this week by offering beautiful, domestically caught Opah.  Opah, also known as Moonfish, is a perfect blend of firm and flake and offers a delicious meaty bite.  It’s grillable, searable, and the flesh gives an orange hue that fits perfectly with the season.  The quality on these fish will make you howl with enthusiasm.
Looking to dig your claws into the perfect seasonal offering?  This week we recommend checking out the first of the season Stone Crab Claws.  We have all sizes to fit your needs - medium, large and jumbo are available in limited quantities.  Claws disappear fast, so get your orders in before these sweet meats become ghosts of inventory.  Call us this week for some insanely good deals, we have the treats to keep you from being tricked.
Gourmet Gab

This is no trick, but a definite treat.  Fortune has added a couple new lines to our portfolio for you to get your hands on.  Northern Soda Company offers a line of 1950's style sodas that are so good it's spooky.    Northern Soda was formed in 2018 by a group of Twin Cities' educators who were passionate about creating remarkable craft sodas that remind customers of soda the way it used to be.  Their sodas are hand-crafted in small batches by actual human beings.  It's made from fresh, high-quality ingredients that are carefully selected to create incredible flavors.  The sodas are sweetened with the perfect amount of real sugar and do not have any extra preservatives or chemicals.  Northern Soda is enthusiastic about serving their customers and the community.   Might we suggest the Blue Raspberry Soda that will magically transport your customers out of their present day problems, back to their childhood days of letting a blue freeze pop melt and then drinking the ice cold liquid.  It's a perfectly sweet and sour carbonated freeze pop. 


If you are looking for a more mature but still otherworldly experience, look no farther than Covap's line of Iberico Belota cured meats.  Covap raises pure Iberico pigs fed on acorns and transforms them into the finest cured meats on earth.  We are over the full moon excited to offer their Presa Iberico Belota, Iberico Ham, Dry Chorizo Iberico and Salchichon Iberico.  All of their products are cured for a minimum of 36 months compared to the standard 24, and each is fully traceable from origin.  


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