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It's midway through National Seafood Month, and we are seeing Mother Nature balance her inventory.  Just as one season closes, another one opens, so that we are never without choices.  It’s a beautiful pendulum that keeps our bellies full of the healthiest protein.  Here’s an update on the revolving doors.
We are on the downside of the Wild Salmon season as only small shipments continue to trickle in.  Many menus have already switched to our excellent farmed Salmon, Char, and Sea Trout selections.  West Coast Halibut, however, will continue to be fished for another full month.  Once the West Coast Halibut slows, we expect to have fresh East Coast and re-freshed West Coast on the docket, so no need to pull the plug on this crowd favorite.  
Staying on the West Coast, fresh Dover Sole is in full swing.  We have fresh cut fillets ready for stores and kitchens alike.  The name carries cache and the fish comes at a very affordable price point.  The mild fillets are versatile and can be utilized in numerous cooking applications.
Hawaiian Kampachi is back in the cooler and ready for the sushi bar.  Sushi-grade Kampachi are raised in the pristine open waters off the coast of Hawaii to the ripe size of 3-5 pounds.  These fish are versatile, able to be seared, grilled or eaten raw.  They have a crisp, buttery flavor and a firm-flaked flesh that holds up well for take-out.  Supplies are limited, so get your orders in before it’s too late.
The Striped Bass are going wild this week.  Fishing is on in New York, Massachusetts and Virginia.   Fish are averaging great cutting size, about 8 pounds and up, and there is a small glut in the market this week.  There is no telling when the spate will be plugged, so grab fish this week to make the most of the sudden opportunity.  The supply will balance out eventually, but you can expect this species to be around all fall and winter.
Fluke is flooding the market this week as well.  White-bellied, good quality fish can be found in good supply.  It’s a flat fish that’s going to be around for a few months and should be a safe bet for the menu.  Fish are averaging 2-4 pounds, and plate sized fish is available upon request.
Look for Cod, Sword, Skate, and Monk to be in great shape this week.  Snappers and Groupers could tighten up at the end of the week due to bad weather in the Gulf.  Check in with us to find out how you can keep the perfect protein supply flowing in the right direction. 


Gourmet Gab

We are in full bloom election season here in America, and while that is taking center stage (as it should) behind the scenes a different race begins in grocery stores .  Suppliers are vying for their items to be featured for the upcoming holiday season.  Here at Fortune Fish & Gourmet we have plenty of options to choose from, and we encourage you to vote for your favorite. 


Healthy snacks continue to be the front-runner when it comes to new products.  Kojo Jerky is a plant based jerky that is new this Fall to Fortune.  Their ethics for making a plant based jerky is all about the environment, but they excel in flavor too.   This is some tasty stuff that comes in three flavors; ginger teriyaki, spicy chipotle, and cracked pepper.

Continuing in the healthy snack ticket, Every Body Eat is a snack thin that is GF, Kosher, Non-GMO, and vegan.   The ingredient list is free of the top 14 allergens and corn.  Like the Kojo Jerky, just because they are healthy and avoided using a lot of trigger ingredients, doesn’t mean they are not delicious.  Every Body Eat snack thins are available in four flavors: cheese-less, sea salt chia, chive and garlic and fiery chile lime.  This will be a hit with your customers that struggle to find a snack thin that is not laden with allergens.

Lastly, for the cheese lover and the keto customer, we have Capricorn Foods' Cheese Crisps.  The idea sprouted when the owner was a young lad.  His babysitter overcooked his grilled cheese and left him with the really crispy edges from the spilled over melted cheese that hit the skillet.  Since then, he has been hooked and spent a lifetime perfecting this melted crispy cheese product.  He created a company based on three flavors of cheese crisps; parmesan, cheddar and smoked gouda.  While they are great on their own as a snack, they do very well paired up with different savory dips.  For the parmesan crisp,  we highly recommend topping it with fig preserves. 


Reach out to your sales rep if you are interested in adding any of these new flavors to your ticket. 


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