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The new year brings many new goals.  People set goals of ambition to lose weight, find a new job, stop eating sugar, cut the carbs, maybe even go paleo.  In Kim Severson's New York Times article What Will We Eat in 2020? she predicts that "low and no-alcohol drinks are in." Dry January, Sober Curious and Mindful Sober Drinking are trending for 2020 and Fortune has some options to offer your customers.

The holidays put a hurting on the human body, and it is good to reset after a season of indulging with some clean refreshing beverages.  The first thing that comes to mind and is the most hydrating is water.. and we have several lavish options that will up your water game. 

One of our favorite sparkling waters comes from a natural hot spring in Catalan.  Its call Vichy. This water is not for the faint of heart, boasting a strong mineral content its safe to say this sparkling water packs a punch to your thirst.  Vichy water is loaded with trace elements that aid in digestion, reduce fatigue and muscle cramps.  Regular consumption may lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of cardio-vascular disease. Vichy is available in elegant glass bottles or travel size cans.  If you prefer still water, try out Open Water.  Open Water is a way to stay hydrated while suporting sustainable packaging.  Open Water is bottled in eco-friendly recyclable aluminum cans, that are better for the ocean.

Maybe plain water is too boring, and it’s tough to find a flavored water that is delicious and not loaded down with lots of artificial flavors or calories.  Enter Petal, a Woman-Owned business started right here in the Midwest.  They use organic botanicals such as rose and lemongrass to name a few and artfully blend them with clean sparkling water.  There are 6 flavors making it hard to choose from.  We recommend hosting a tasting. 

If floral is not your cup of tea, try Sparkle from the folks that brought us Wisco Pop, using just organic ginger, lemon or lime juice with sparkling water, these are as tasty as they are healthy. 

No mater what avenue you choose, taking a month to be mindful and listen to you body sing, providing it with water can’t be a bad thing.


Seafood Stuff

The holidays are getting neatly packed away, ready for another bout with dormancy until once again the season will call for their purpose.  The doors of 2020 are officially open wide to the goals, aspirations and tepid promise that a new opportunity brings.  This time of year, staring into the window of the new decade can be a frosty and utterly chilling experience.  However, we can all press on and warm the coals of ambition with beautiful seafood.  With every season there is opportunity.  Here are some of your chances to ignite the spark.
For the next few months, three East Coast species will shine. 
Black Bass season is open in the Mid-Atlantic and from North Carolina to Massachusetts fish will be targeted by the ton.  Look for large and jumbo sizes, ranging from one pound to five, with plate sized fish being the most abundant.  The skin is of the highest eating quality, almost like crispy bacon when seared, and the meat cooks up white and flaky with an ocean-like kiss. 
The Summer Flounder, also known as Fluke, quota has been raised this year, so expect to see more of this flat fish on menus near you.  Jumbo-sized fish (four pounds plus) are abundant and offer a very nice portion.  The meat is silky and sweet and will cook delicately with good bite.  It’s a versatile fillet option and if you wish to pump up the presentation, you can prepare smaller fish (one to two pounds each) as a whole fish offering.
There will be at least five weeks of winter Striped Bass to look forward to, if not more.  Gill nets, traps, and lines will be in the water plying the trade so fishermen should be able to keep a steady supply of fish into the market.  Striped Bass is a renowned species that can dress up the whitest of tablecloths or get down and dirty in your favorite neighborhood joint’s fry basket.  Five to eight-pound fish offer a good savings while the larger fish will garner more money, but better portion control.  It’s up to you to figure the balance of the two.
There are quite a few options outside of these three, including Monkfish, Skate, Cod, Haddock, Porgy, Mackerel, and more.  The cold weather makes the job of getting all these species to dock more difficult, but it also makes them taste so much sweeter.  Fat stores can give seafood lots of flavor - and, during winter, the glut is on.  Break open the New Year by refreshing the fire, and lighting the new candle from the flame of the old. 

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