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Baseball may be America’s pastime, but football is America’s love affair and there is no bigger day in the sport than the upcoming Superbowl.  The Superbowl will take over just about everyone’s life next Sunday with parties, celebrations, and a few broken TVs, so its best to start getting the menus ready now instead of waiting until kick-off.  Here are some suggestions for making all parties, big or small, super.
Making dips for the masses is a necessity for the big event and you can turn it up a notch by forgoing the buffalo chicken for some kickin’ crab.  Start your spicy crab dip with our Fortune brand Meribelle Crabmeat, picked by hand from fresh crabs caught in Southeast Asia.  Meribelle Crabmeat is offered in six different specifications ranging from colossal to claw and available year-round.  The crab is picked at peak freshness and pasteurized to protect taste and quality.  Your guests will appreciate the extra mile you go to achieve maximum flavor.
The shrimpers are out in North Carolina harvesting fresh shrimp, so for the next few weeks, Fortune can offer fresh North Carolina White Shrimp.  But you don’t have to depend on Mother Nature for the perfect shrimp cocktail.  Fortune has a multitude of different sizes and species of frozen shrimp available, including Brown, White, Tigers, Blue and Pinks.  Get with your sales rep to figure out which shrimp satisfies your preferred profile and don’t forget to grab a bottle of St. Elmo’s Cocktail sauce – the perfect kick for every bite. 
Keep your partygoers light on their feet by skipping the heavy meat and offering smoked salmon bites instead.  We recommend trying the St. James Nordic Reserve Smoked Salmon.  Sides are pre-sliced and smoked to perfection.  St. James is a family-run company that sources sustainably-minded, farmed salmon and then processes them using a decades old secret recipe that marries the quality of the fish with beautiful, natural flavors and smoky aromas. 
Don’t just slog through the old traditions for the big bowl.  Look beyond the chicken wings and pizza and you will find some really great food that you’ll be able to enjoy without loosening your belt.  Root for your team this year without incurring any penalties to your diet and make this a super-food event.     


Gourmet Grab

It’s that time again when the super fans head out for the Super Bowl.  Be sure your bars and catering teams are ready to roll!

Speaking of pigskin, whether you are preparing for bar go-ers or gatherings it's a snap to serve up the Le Chic Maxi Brioche filled with pulled pork from Lillie’s Q.  Lillie’s Q offers a fully cooked pork shoulder made from premium Compart Duroc pork.  The shoulder comes ready to heat and serve, just top with your favorite Lillie’s Q BBQ sauce for a consistent recipe.  This is a guarantee score! 

Kick off the game with appetizers like LaBriola’s Brauhaus Pretzels.  Serve with some classic melted cheese sauce (might we suggest Welsh Rarebit made with Valdeon Blue cheese) and Local Folk’s stone ground mustard.  Don’t forget to add some Hook’s Cheddar and Nueske’s summer sausage to your game day charcuterie board.

Sliders are always a number one draft pick for customers, so why not made them from the locally sourced CDK Ground Beef.  For an extra kick top it off with Red Dragon Cheddar, a creamy cheddar blended with wholegrain mustard seed.  

With all these options, is the game that important?  Your customers may stay for the game, but they’ll come back for the food!

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