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We may have to keep apart from each other - but, thankfully, we don’t have to social distance from the beautiful bounty that is springing up all around us.  Not all states are allowing restaurants to open their doors yet, but that isn’t stopping the tulips from popping or the trees from budding.  With all these colors comes Mother's Day and Fortune has a bounty of items from land and sea to make her day special and show her how much we appreciate her.
With the Wild Salmon, Scallop, and Lobster seasons kicking into gear, hope is in the air.
Oregon Troll King Salmon season was initially delayed due to poor weather and catch, but it looks like fish are slowly coming to market this week.  We are fighting to get airspace and product out of Oregon, but the hope  is that we will have beautiful Wild Troll King Salmon in house for the weekend.  Typically, the fish average 8-11 pounds and cut out with a bright, marbled flesh.
The Eastern Atlantic Scallop season began on April 1st, and the latest report has landings down from the previous year due to scheduled closures.  Although there is less product in the market, prices are trending down because there’s less demand than usual, a silver lining of this virus that shall not be named.  Since almost 70% of all scallop sales are foodservice driven, you can expect the market to continue to soften until the economy bounces back.
The Lobster market is seeing some steady ebb and flow as good weather is moving into Maine.  The low demand has prices under the typical levels for live product.  Right now, you can take advantage of a traditionally high-end product at mid-level pricing. 
Looking to surpise Mom with delicious food delivered to her door or maybe you are simply running out of meal ideas.  Check out Fortune's sister company Lobster Gram, now available locally on Mercato. How perfect would it be to enjoy Lobster Tails and Gourmet Goodies in the comfort of your own home?  Lobster gram and Mercato have teamed up to provide you with the very best seafood options so you can Take & Bake, grill, or broil to your hearts’ content right from your very own kitchen!
Gourmet Grab
Mothers have especially been effected by the stay at home orders from Covid-19; handling house bound kids, becoming substitute schoolteacher and juggling work and other life duties.  It has never been a better time to shower them with love and show your appreciation.
Flowers and extravagant gifts are fabulous, but we can't have Mom cooking on her special day.  Fortune has your customers covered with these special Mother's Day items for retail or restaurants offering takeout or ready-to-cook meals.
Nothing says Spring in the world of grilled meats like a rack of lamb and waygu ribeyes.  Fortune has domestic and imported rack of lamb in a variety of weights to fit your needs. We also carry extra special cuts like waygu ribeyes to elevate your Mother's day offerings  
If Mom prefers pork, step it up a notch with Sakura pork ribs or any of the Sakura line.  From birth, Sakura Pork hogs are always and only fed an all-vegetarian diet using a wholesome mixture of locally grown corn and soybeans and are never given growth hormones, stimulants or antibiotics in the feed.  The hogs are raised in environmentally sustainable facilities that reduce stresses to the hogs, resulting in superior quality meat.
Lastly to finish off any Mother’s Day feast, dessert must be served.   We have an assortment of ready made options that will make it look like you slaved away all day in the kitchen.   Our world class frozen finished desserts imported from Europe will bring a smile to any mom.  It also will make the job of a restaurant lacking a pastry chef in these tough times, so much easier too.  These desserts allow retail counters to be virtually hands off, simply portion them into containers and voila!  Ask your local sales rep for our Mother’s Day options for dessert, whether finished layered cakes, heart shape macarons or our line of Vegan raw cake squares, we have something that will help you and your customers celebrate Mom.
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