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Halibut, Pacific

The most distinguishing characteristic of the Pacific Halibut is its size. This flatfish can reach over 600 pounds and up to 8 feet long and 4 feet across. They are found along the Pacific coast from Northern California to the Bering Sea and West to Russia and the Sea of Japan. This is one of the best eating of all white meat fish. Halibut flesh is thick meaty and firm with a sweet, yet rich flavor. The grain is fine and it retains moisture nicely. It stands up to all cooking methods. The uncooked meat should be almost translucent, not dull, yellow or dried out. When cooked it turns to a snowy white and loses its glossy appearance. Pacific Halibut is almost all caught by long-line. Years of research and dedication have resulted in specific bait and hooks to make sure only Halibut is caught by the fishermen. Pacific Halibut is strictly managed by the International Pacific Halibut Commission, which is a joint effort by the United States and Canada to manage the Pacific Halibut stocks. 

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