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The Superbowl is set, Valentine’s Day is confirmed, but, outside of that – and death and taxes of course – not much else is guaranteed.  Getting product in on time has become as confusing and difficult as Tom Brady’s retirement.  Let us help you create the perfect game plan to combat the uncertainties of what is shaping up to be an exciting weekend. 
Last week’s huge storm rocked the East Coast.  However, hardy, brave, and a few crazy fishermen were able to get out there and procure some really nice fish.  We really aren’t going to see any lag in supply this week, which is a testament to these brave souls and their dedication to their livelihoods.  Black Bass, Fluke, and Wild Striped Bass – just to name a few species – look to be in great shape with stable pricing. 
Caviar and Oysters are always a hit this time of year, and we have a selection that would make Cupid blush.  Whether it’s a nice Ossetra or mild Hackleback, Fortune carries a plethora of caviar flavors to fit any budget.  We are also bringing in a few special occasion oysters like Cupid’s Arrow and Sweet Petite to round out the perfect raw bar list.  Get with a sales representative this week to make sure you have everything you need for the big day. 
Lobster pricing is hitting new heights, not exactly what you want to be hearing this close to the 14th.  Unfortunately, Chinese New Year gobbled up lots of inventory last week and, although fishing was better than expected, lobstering isn’t fairing too well.  Bad weather is hampering the catch, and we are seeing a premium for lobsters of all sizes leading up to the holiday.  Smaller sizes are still your best bet, with bigger sizes hitting record high prices.  Get with our team today, so that we can lead you to a winning formula. 
Gourmet Gab
When we think of Valentine’s Day we immediately think of chocolate and sweets. The cherry on top of that!  This year we also get the Superbowl, so it’s sure to be a food filled weekend.
Need cocoa inspiration for your Valentine’s Day desserts. Fortune Fish & Gourmet carries four deZaan Cocoa Powders in True Gold, Terra Rossa, Carbon Black, and Crimson Red. The deZaan range includes natural, dutched, and black cocoa powder- all focused on the key elements of flavor, color and fat content. Explore the complexity of cocoa, cocoa powder blends and learn about deZaan’s single origin Crimson Red cocoa-the most premium cocoa on the market.
Half the fun of the Superbowl, is the food. Coastal Seafoods Dips will be the star of the show at every Superbowl party. They come in four flavors, Smoked Salmon, Smoked Trout, Cajun Krab, and Crab. No matter which team wins, everyone will feel like a winner when eating these.  
Another item that is perfect for Valentine’s Day are these melt-in-your-mouth Madelines in chocolate, citrus, and crème brulee. These traditional French madelines are made using cage-free eggs, French butter and no artificial colors or flavors. Fortune has an extensive pastry portfolio, so check in with your sales representative to learn more.
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