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July’s heat is busy turning concrete into lava as summer is reaching its tipping point.  Hopefully the wave will crest, and we can ride some comfortable temperatures into August.  For now, we can all enjoy dining out in the shade with some light fare and cool specials.
The Mahi off-season is dragging on.  Fish are at a trickle right now, but we have some really solid substitutions in two dynamic O’s: Ono and Opah.  Ono, also known as Wahoo, is coming in consistently from areas such as Tahiti, Hawaii, and Ecuador.  The meat color has been flawless, arriving with great bloodlines; these fish are packed really fresh and flown to order.  They eat very similar to mahi and can be a bit meatier.  Opah, also known as “Salmon of the Gods,” can brighten up any table with its fabulously bright orange color.  Opah is perfect for searing, grilling, sashimi and poke.  It’s uniqueness and versatility make it an ideal special. 
Ecuador is into the Corvina this week.  Fish are averaging over 10 pounds dressed and the costs make it an appealing option.  Corvina has a large flaked fillet and works great in both cooking and ceviche preparations.  Some like it hot, some not, but the beauty is that you can have it any way you want. 
Want to switch up from Red Grouper?  Try some deep water, line-caught, Yellow Edge Grouper out of Florida.  This fish is a coveted local secret to those on the coast of Florida and only a few fish make it out of the state.  Yellow Edge average about 8 pounds whole and have a silkier, butterier flavor than the red variety.   These will be limited, so you must act fast.
The Wild Striped Bass surge was short-lived last week, with catches drying up this week.  Not sure when our next glut will come but, in the meantime, you can sink your hooks into large Golden Tilefish out of the Gulf.  These fish have bright yellow colorations throughout their skin, giving them a glamorously golden tone.  The meat is sweet, almost crab-like, and cooks white with large supple flakes.  It pairs beautifully with a summer succotash.  You just have to think outside of your land-locked box to keep things cool with refreshing specials from the world’s waters. 


Gourmet Grab

Summer will be over in the blink of an eye. Help your customers make the most of it by serving up fun, colorful, bite sized desserts.  Fortune has a variety of thaw and serve options to help you with your pars and food costs during these uncertain times. 


We offer perfect bite sized macarons from Le Chic Patissier.  Each Belgium made macaron has a crispy almond and meringue shell with a rich ganache cream filling.  Each case contains 35 delightful, melt in your mouth macarons and are available in the following flavors:  Vanilla, Raspberry, Salted Caramel Butter, Pistachio and Chocolate.  All macarons are low in sugar, gluten free and free of additives or preservatives. 


Another dessert option without firing up an oven is thaw and serve Petits Fours. Fortune has you covered with our sweet delectable Petits Fours made with exotic fruits and a line of more traditional flavors. Each is handfinished and presents beautifuly.  The wide assortment of flavors will have you wanting to try each one.  


We are always looking for new and exciting pastries to bring to our customers, so be sure to check back or ask your sales person about our latest offerings. Stay safe, stay healthy and eat desserts when you can. 


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