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Summer is already sizzling, and we have only just begun to feel the heat.  Post pandemic demand is rising like mercury, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to cool down any time soon.  As products become harder to source, it’s important to stay abreast of the latest storms, so that you can pick the right wave to ride on.  With information changing daily, we have your back with up to the minute updates. 
The Wild Salmon Fishery is in full swing with Sockeye and Kings arriving from several rivers.  Prince William Sound, Sand Point, Copper River, and Southeast Alaska are all contributing fish to the market, and we expect this to trend upwards over the next two weeks.  It’s time to put Alaskan Salmon on the menu.
Looking for a big fish with a monster flavor?  There is some beautiful Wreck Fish coming from the depths off the coast of Florida.  These fish are averaging over 20 pounds and are being pulled in with excellent care.  Wreck fish fillets are thick, white and flaky and have a luscious texture.  Very similar to grouper, this fish works in a myriad of applications and look terrific on the seafood stand.
The East Coast Fluke season is back open, and we already have fish right off the boats.  Fluke is a summertime favorite, known for its silky white flesh, and light, delicate flavor.  We are happy to have the flat fish back in the rotation and expect it to be readily available for the next few weeks.
If you have been in the market for Squid recently, then you know how terrible supply is.  Catches are way down globally, and we are all waiting for some relief.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t look good for the next few weeks.  Most are forecasting mid-to-end of July for some respite to the scarcity.  Keep in close contact with your sales rep to be on top of our next shipment.
Claudette wreaked some havoc up the East Coast last week, causing some major delays in product.  Snapper was the most affected fishery, as it will take at least a week for the boats to recover.  Grouper is on hand, along with Wild Striped Bass, to get you through the shortage. 


Gourmet Gab

Speaking of sizzling, it's peak grilling season.  Everyone is dining on wagyu beef burgers, cobia burgers, brats, chicken sandwiches, basically anything you can put in a bun.  Fortune Fish & Gourmet may be top of mind for sourcing your proteins but rest assured that we have the finest buns in town too.  Get everything you need in one delivery including the convenience of artisan bread that is frozen and ready to thaw and use.

Fortune partners with 3D Baking, a local Chicago artisan bakery.  At 3D Baking, all breads, rolls, and buns are handcrafted by professional bakers that are experts in the fine art of mixing, fermenting, hand-shaping, proofing, and baking. They are sincerely committed to producing the finest authentic bread with only the freshest ingredients free of additives and non-GMO.   Fortune carries a wide variety of 3D Baking’s goods including brioche sesame buns, Chicago hot dog buns, onion burger buns and standard hamburger buns. The Fortune favorite is their brioche hot dog bun, perfect for Chef Martin Sausages or to use as a lobster roll.

Tribeca Oven is another premier bakery Fortune works with that has perfected the combination of fresh-baked quality with par-baked convenience that captures the traditional taste and texture of authentic, artisan bread.  Among the many products that Fortune carries from Tribeca Oven, their fully baked and carefully frozen challah burger buns and slider rolls fly out the door during this time of year.  The challah burger buns and sliders have an egg-washed thin crust and a sweet, moist interior.  They are great for chicken, tuna, cobia, shrimp or beef burgers.

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