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This Labor Day weekend is bringing a lot of baggage as it rolls into town.  With many of us in this industry just struggling to stay working and provide support to those that aren't, it seems like a perfect opportunity to pause and take a look around.  You can’t deny the amazement you may feel just to still be here, white-knuckled and hanging on.  There’s a lot of work ahead of us, including this weekend, but we would like to thank you all for doing what you do and want you to remember the why and what it means to keep going.  Keep Calm and Cook on…
If you are firing up the grill, you don’t want to miss out the firm-fleshed options we have right at your fingertips.  Opah and Ono (Wahoo) flown direct from Tahiti start the week with some awesome color.  You can’t miss with these exotic species, but, if you want to stay closer to the familiar, Swordfish, Mahi Mahi, and Albacore will be readily available.  As we get into Fall, these species, especially Swordfish and Mahi, will shine.
So far, the West Coast fishermen have met about 60% of the Halibut quota.  With the season ending in November, there will be plenty more fish in the sea to harvest.  We should continue to see great landings and aggressive pricing to reach projected catch goals in the next few weeks.
If you are looking for Lake Fish, you may want to set your focus this week on Walleye.  The Whitefish, Trout, and Perch options remain tight due to warm water temps, however, Walleye is projected to be moderately available.  If you are in the mindset for a substitution, try East Coast Ocean Perch or Hake.  Ocean Perch and Hake can be seamless substitutions for Lake Perch and Whitefish respectively.  And the good news, they are both readily available.
The Lobster Market continues its upward climb, but I believe the mountain’s peak is within sight.  Canadians didn’t tube much due to Covid concerns and most of the Maine supply is firm shell.  With the holiday demand, we are seeing a spike in price, but there is relief coming.  There should be some fall out after the holiday and once water temps cool, we will start to see better deals. 
Whatever you are working towards, we are here to help make that dream materialize.  Please reach out to us for any assistance needed on making your visions come to plate.  Working together, we can work it out.


Gourmet Gab

For a low maintainance appetizer to pair with your grilled fish tacos for the weekend, Fortune is now offering the tortilla chips you all have been asking for.  We are now stocking tortilla chips created by Café Spice.  There are Salted Flour tortilla chips and Tequila Lime tortilla chips (traditional corn tortilla chips with a tequila lime seasoning).  These bulk chips (6 lb case) stand up perfectly in dips, salsas, nachos, chiliquillas and repacking for takeout.

Tortilla chips and salsa go together like peanut butter and jelly.  Fortune offers a fine selection of salsas from our local producers.  

  • Two Men and a Garden is not just a clever name, it’s how the company started when two St. Louis neighbors merged their backyard gardens and had more produce than they knew what to do with.  While their company has outgrown their garden, their salsas are still tasty and fresh, with mild, medium and hot versions.
  • Local Folks Foods also produces garden fresh salsas. Their salsas begin with a tomato base, some peppers, jalapenos and additional spices, produced in peak season for optimal flavors. Also offering a mild, medium and hot version, their salsa show off some of our country’s heartland bounty.
  •  Nestled in fertile farm country in the northern lower peninsula of Michigan is Food for Thought.  Whatever ingredients they don’t grow on their farms they find in the forest or buy from a local Michigan farm to produce the finest jarred salsas .   With three flavors of salsas to choose from, you can always find one to fit your customers' moods.  Whether it’s the cherry salsa, the classic garden salsa, or the black bean and corn salsa, one cannot go wrong in choosing a mate for their favorite tortilla chip.
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