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Memorial Day weekend honors our fallen soldiers, a lasting salute to thank them for their service, and we extend our gratitude and humble appreciation.  Our Freedoms carry great debts.  Memorial Day is also considered the unofficial start of summer, and by the looks of our first runs of Copper River Salmon, it looks like it’s going to be a sizzling one.
The first opening of the Copper River Salmon Season provided us with a burst of fish, a drastic upgrade from last year’s bust.  Copper River Kings and Sockeyes are already circulating on menus, announcing that the rush of the Wild Salmon Season is here.  Prices have been high, as expected, from the start, but with more openings slated this week and more rivers expected to start producing soon, we should see relief with upcoming harvests.
The Domestic Mahi run is on and fish are running hot.  As the fish are moving up the East Coast we are seeing some beautiful landings.  These strong swimmers are large and arriving to us with bright yellow skins and ruby red bloodlines.  The length of the season is always a guess, but we expect production to run into June.  Procuring U.S. caught Mahi is a terrific way to support domestic fishermen and U.S. fishing communities. 
With the Mahi come the Mackerel, Snapper, and Grouper.  These fisheries are heating up as others like Fluke and Black Bass are cooling, meaning it’s time to turn over your special’s boards. 
Speaking of heating up, I am sure those grills will be on this weekend, so if you are looking for a steaky fish, be on the lookout for some great options such as Ono, Opah, Mahi, Swordfish, Albacore, and Halibut.  Any and all of these fish hold up very well and are clever alternatives to make your BBQ a healthier place to eat.
Stone Crab Season has officially ended in Florida, and we will miss them until October.  Mussels are also on the outs.  Spawning is just starting to show in the farms of PEI and will last a few weeks.  We will continue to supply your menus with product but be aware that during the spawn shelf-life shortens and the meats can become smaller and weaker.  It’s all a part of Nature’s plan.  


Gourmet Grab

Hooray, for warmer temperatures and longer days are finally heading our way!  With Memorial Day upon us and dreams of outdoor dining on the precipice of coming true, here are a few items to enliven the cookout. 

Looking to feature potato chips on their weekend deli menus, the culinary masterminds at Zingerman’s Deli teamed with Great Lakes Potato Chips of Traverse City, Michigan, to launch a branded line of potato chips. Made from locally sourced Michigan spuds, these skin-on chips pack a serious crunchy texture and are available in four standup offerings: Black Pepper, Dill Pickle, Grey Sea Salt, and BBQ.  You will want to finish the bag off yourself, but we encourage sharing the goodness with friends and family. 
NEW to the local Midwest snack scene, Positive Pretzels are crafted with only artisan organic flour, organic sunflower oil and sea salt. Free of artificial ingredients, these addictive snacks are crafted free of additional sugars or corn syrup.  Available flavors include Sea salt, Honey and Jalapeno, but more delicious flavors are in the pipeline! If you’re looking to zest things up, try dipping these pretzels in Food for Thought’s truly natural Honey Mustard. This versatile dipping sauce is infused with locally sourced Kolsch beer and can enhance many summer dishes as a dip or marinade.  We recommend applying liberally!
And finally, to wash all these snacks down, we suggest grabbing a bottle of Vichy Catalan sparkling water.  Vichy is Spain’s best-known water and is loaded with 27 out of the 34 vital minerals that the human body needs to survive.  Revered since the late 1800’s for its numerous medicinal properties, this sparkling water will refresh the body after strenuous workouts, ease the stomach in time of need, and the natural occurring minerals may lower one’s cholesterol levels. What’s more to like than great tasting water that’s good for you and harvested from rains that fell over Spain 10,000 years ago.
May the grills be hot and beverages cold, and don’t forget to thank the men and women who fight for our freedoms.  Have a wonderful Memorial Day.
Image above compliments of CRPWSMA
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