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We are well into the thick of it concerning the Corona virus, and we are all adapting to survive.  Empty streets and silenced store fronts are haunting images of a shuttered society, but, inside the fabric of every family, the lights are staying on as people are staying in.  There is a flickering hope that swells in these micro-communities that are brought together around dinning room tables across the country. Whether its Skype dinners, Whatsapp cocktail dates, or simple speaker-phone meal preps, we are staying connected and staying fed.  Here are some insights into how to keep feeding the nation.
Many fishermen are doing what they can to keep working.  Some are just targeting the basics, selling for the fresh market and freezing the rest.  Some are fishing for baitfish that will get frozen for busier times.  Others have seen dock prices and demand drop so drastically low that they have hung up their gear for the time being.  Couple this with limited airspace and flights, getting fish has become increasingly difficult.  Fortune Fish and Gourmet is here to help you navigate this disrupted market.  We are working daily on acquiring fresh product for our discerning customers to ensure that our collective guests will be making the best possible dinner choices.
One of the more positive notes to this dire situation- is that some of the traditionally more expensive seafood items have become much more affordable options for carry out and delivery service opportunities.   Lobster, Halibut, Grouper, Swordfish, and Mahi markets are lower than seasonal norms.  As long as logistics can manage, they should be good entrée options to ratchet up some excitement.  Cost saving items such as Albacore Tuna, Shrimp, Salmon, Tilapia, Pollack, Hake, and Cod are also great proteins to put on a sandwich or inside a taco to keep the burger boredom at bay.  Fortune can even supply you and your customers with breads from Tribeca, croissants and vegan bakery options for those sandwiches.  
As take out, prepared meal and retail businesses are all looking for more and more small format products and as customers are taking comfort in sweet treats, Fortune is there to accommodate those needs.   We have chocolate bars from TCHO, Vosges, and Blanxart that can be added to take away meal boxes.  Fortune's NEW Taste It Presents trays, 4-layer cakes, and other finished desserts can be cut and packed in to-go boxes or sold as individual cakes for retail. 
More to that note, it’s apparent that many restaurants are pivoting to carry out and delivery services to keep afloat.  We would like to share some helpful info from Dataessentials to assist with this transition.  It’s important to reach out to guests through websites and social media to let them know what you are doing to keep workers and customers safe.  There’s also some interesting data on how people perceive the risks of take out and what you can do to reach people with your desired message.  
As we continue to adapt as an industry, the passage of time will see many changes, some for the good, some for the bad.  Throughout this storm of uncertainty and constant revision, you can count on Fortune to be a foundation that you can build around.  We continue to work towards and believe in a more delicious future.
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