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With more and more Americans receiving Covid vaccines and state’s restrictions starting to ease, we can start to see the light at the end of this ridiculously odd year. Attitudes are changing from fear to relief, and people are venturing out to restaurants to reconnect with family and friends over food and drinks. Fortunately for you, Fortune Fish & Gourmet has numerous options to delight your customers taste buds.

Gourmet Gab

One of our latest partnerships finds us distributing Niman Ranch products, an industry leader in humanely and sustainably raised beef, pork and lamb. One of Niman’s guiding philosophies is to partner with farmers who believe that an animal’s treatment throughout their life directly impacts the finished product. Niman Ranch works with over 750 family farmers who are Certified Humane -the most of any company -with most of the farmers based in the Midwest. Heralded by chefs for their distinctive flavor, succulent texture and mind-blowing marbling, Niman products are guaranteed to make the difference on your plate.

This past year has allowed the fine folks at Cypress Grove Chevre to spend some time tooling around in their R&D labs, conjuring new delicious offerings to complement their award-winning line-up of cheeses. Their latest creation is Little Giant, a subtly sweet, bright, fudgy cheese with a white edible rind. It’s delicious at any age, but, as the cheese matures, the yeasty and mushroom notes really intensify. Feel free to smother over your favorite bread or cracker, this cheese is also an excellent accompaniment to grilled peaches.

As a child growing up in Austria, Chef Martin knew he was destined to work with food: he started helping his grandfather make sausage at the age of four. Now an expert sausage maker, he has created a line of small batch, high quality sausages that are all gluten free and produced without any nitrates or MSG.  From his Kasekrainer (pork shoulder and Alpine Swiss cheese) to his latest creation, Chicken and Apple Sausage (leg meat, Michigan apples, and chives) - no matter what you decide to serve up, your customers will raise a pint in appreciation.

This past year has been a rough one for all of us.  Let us move forward with a new sense of purpose and reconnect with loved ones at our favorite restaurants!


Seafood Update

It feels like we all just got through a huge trial run and the summer dining Olympics are about to begin.  We are in the meat of May, when weather can make your day or crush your plans. It’s a topsy turvy time and the seafood landings are no exception.  Safe bets abound, with some updates on crazy markets. 
Sword remains the word.  If you enjoy the thrills of the grill, Swordfish is your go to option this week as fish is pouring in from all over, especially Ecuador and Costa Rica.  You can’t miss out on this fish; prices are right, and bloodlines are cherry red. 
Domestic Mahi is rolling out of the East Coast at just the right time.  The market on imports is steadily climbing as their season is winding down.  One door closes and another door opens.  We will have beautiful, domestic fish this week and with any luck with the wind, more to follow.
It’s still early for the Copper River Salmon fishery to open.  It is slated for May 17th, but we are seeing some gorgeous Troll King Salmon offered out of AK, OR, and CA.  These fish are averaging 12 pounds and are handled with exceptional care, ensuring you are getting a premium product. 
Not to get too far ahead of ourselves, but it looks like the crazy-time lobster prices are behind us.  Canada and Maine are both producing and prices are beginning to trickle down at the dock daily.  There is a huge hole in the market for frozen product, so that demand could keep some sizes stiff - but, nonetheless, it appears the worst is behind us.  It’s time to start considering putting the bug back on the menu.
It’s return of the Mack - they’re back again!  That’s right, Spanish Mackerel have resurfaced and are now back in the mix.  We unloaded our first offerings on Monday and hope that the fishermen stay on the schools.  Their yearly migration caused a three-week blip, but it seems like there will be Mackerel in our not-too-distant future. 

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