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Next weekend is Labor Day Weekend, the unofficial end to summer.  It’s a hard thought to grasp, especially when it seems like no one has told the sun to stop radiating 90-degree days.  The fish seem to also be under the same impression, and many species are still in hiding, swimming for cool waters.  So, officially speaking, Labor Day may be here, but so is summer, and our rundown reflects the heat.
A good Tuna is hard to find.  That might not be exactly how the saying goes, but it works in the case of Tuna fishing during the summer.  When the waters are warm, Tuna does not cut out with same color and quality as it does when the waters are cooler because of their food source.  Finding true #1 grade fish is difficult right now.  Most of the nicer fish is coming from the Pacific; but, generally speaking, high quality fish are limited, so expect prices to be up on higher graded fish until the oceans cool.
It’s looking like one of the strongest Augusts in years for the Maine Lobster Fishery.  Reports have been positive as traps inshore and offshore are coming up full.  It’s a nice off-set from the downturn this time of year typically brings.  Look for some stable pricing on smaller sizes, though you will pay more for hard shells across the board. True Hard-Shell Lobsters will remain tight because of the summer shedding.  Expect increased loss when purchasing lobsters, especially when transporting them, as they will have a shorter shelf life for the next couple of weeks due to the heat.
Fluke season ended in Massachusetts and won’t reopen until next year.  Virginia will open sometime in September, and until then there will be product coming out of New Jersey and Rhode Island.  We could see a week or two without much product. 
Wild King Salmon supply may be dwindling until the Columbia River Fish show up, but Sockeyes are expected to go full bore now and for a couple more weeks.  The netted King Salmon can have bruising this time of year, it comes with the territory, but there are a few troll-caught fish to be found in between.  If you are looking for a Wild Salmon that is more consistent in quality, try Sockeye, Coho or Yukon Keta.  These healthy alternatives offer great value and a delicious bite.
Red Snapper rebounded this week in supply.  Boats are continuing to hit on fish for the second week in a row.  There have been a few in the 1-4 pound range, but most of the fish landing are 4 pounds and up, with some 10+ size fish in the mix.  As with the case of Snapper, Gulf Grouper landings are also heating up.  Domestic Yellowedge from deep waters and Domestic Red from inshore waters are being landed as I write.
Golden Tilefish, John Dory and Trigger Fish are beginning to show in the Atlantic.  These fish make great specials but are hard to depend on as a consistent menu item.  They seem to appear and disappear with unpredictability, but they are so delicious they can be worth the hassle.  


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