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The Yukon River in Alaska produces the fattiest, most delicious salmon in the world, but for years the King Salmon that were incidentally caught during the Keta fishing were not available to be sold.  This week, that has all changed.  King Salmon escapement (the fish that are allowed to pass upriver to spawn to secure future generations of fish) in the Yukon is currently at 95% of the required allowance and officials have decided to allow the commercial sale of fish that are a by-catch of the surging Keta fishery.  Finally, we get to enjoy the unparalleled, fattiest, most delicious Wild King salmon nature can produce.  Fish will be limited and landings unpredictable, but if you get the opportunity to taste the legendary fish, I recommend taking advantage, because there’s no way of telling when your next chance might be.
The Canadian Lobster season is now closed for a bit and we are heading into the Maine season with fingers crossed.  In the beginning, expect Hard Shell Lobster supply to tighten and for prices to rise due to most of the catch being Firm Shell.  Firm Shells have a little less meat-to-shell ratio, but they are sweeter and more tender in the flavor department and cheaper in the wallet, making them a great buy for large parties.  Later we will see the Maine season “Hardshells” come back in full force, but for now, give the Firms a second glance.
Black Bass exploded in Rhode Island last week, and it looks like quota is being met sooner than later.  Expect supply to tighten after the beginning of next week. 
Fluke prices have stabilized and the catches in RI and MA seems to be much better than last year.  Fish are arriving with white bellies and the fillets are cutting pristine.  These will be a good buy this week.
With the full moon behind us, we expect the Sword market to rebound going into next week and beyond.  There are usually good buys this time of year and we expect the lunar hiccup to be only a brief setback in supply.  Be confident in putting this, along with fresh domestic Albacore and Ono, on the board for the next few weeks.

Unfortunately, the domestic Yellowtail Snapper market will not improve until August.  The fishery doesn’t get going again until then, but in the meantime please check out our gorgeous Pacific Red Snapper farmed raised in La Paz, Baja California.  These fish are raised in pristine off-shore conditions in cages called aquapods.  They are 1-2 pounds in size, perfect for the center of the plate, and arrive to us still in rigor mortis.  These fish will rock out your whole fish offering with a steady supply of deliciousness.  Remember, there’s plenty of fish in the sea if you look for a little variety.


Gourmet Grab 

The Dog Days of summer are officially here! With the warm weather, the dangers of dehydration increase, and it is important to remember to stay fueled up. Athletes, kids, and families are outdoors more, and many are active, whether it be hiking, baseball, or running. In 2011, a head NHL trainer created the ultimate sports drink for the modern athlete, Coco 5. It is now the sports drink of choice for 20+ NHL teams, 10+ MLB teams, and 20+ College Teams. Coco 5 is an all-natural sports drink powered by coconut water, containing 5 electrolytes that naturally improve hydration. It contains no artificial anything and 50% less sugar than most sports drinks. In fact, they add only one gram of sugar to their drinks.
The next time you are thirsty, don’t grab the artificially sweetened or colored soda to refresh. After you finish the morning bike ride, try the Orange Coco 5 to rehydrate your body. Go for the Limon Coco 5 after your stroll around the lake. The Passionfruit Coco5 is great to keep in the cooler at the beach. Take a Natural Coco 5 along on a weekend hike. Regain your strength with the Cherry Coco 5 while working out. Or, just drink the Pineapple Coco 5 because it is hot out!

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