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“Lolla” turns 26 years old next week and the concert has grown up quite a bit.  These days you can pay to upgrade, receiving perks of comfort such as private dining and air-conditioned restrooms.  It pays to be VIP, or at least you do.  But if you want to eat like a VIP, you can save some money on some truly delicious and affordable seafood options.
Wild Salmon production appears to be rounding the crescent as production evens out.  We should see stability in the Sockeye market this week and next.  Net King production slowed down last week, and I believe we will be relying mostly on a mix of trolls and nets going forward.  Fall Keta production is ramping up, and Coho runs are strong early this year. These early Coho landings have been plentiful, with larger sized fish abundant.
Fresh Carolina White Shrimp are finally showing up - I guess it’s better late than never.  Various sizes are available ranging from 26-30 to 16-20 count per pound.  Fresh White Shrimp offer a clean, briny flavor with a clam-like sweetness.  The season only lasts a few weeks, so take advantage while you can.
The Soft-Shell Lobster season has started.  If you’re not on the East Coast, this summer delicacy is best flown in fresh.  Though it’s a well-kept secret that Soft-Shell Lobsters are sweeter than Hard-Shell Lobsters, their shelf life is much shorter.  Much of the product is sold close to home, usually at a discount compared to Hard-Shell Lobsters.
Black Sea Bass production spiked last week with a couple of areas open and producing in the North Atlantic.  Prices will stabilize this week.  Rhode Island closed to quota and will not reopen until after the first of next month. 
Pollack production was quiet the last two weeks. Product tightened up as many boats did not fish for this species.  Pricing reached some incredible highs and have still yet to rebound.  It will take at least until late this week or early next week for supply to support demand. 
Great Lakes species sourcing continues to be a grind as fish hit the bottom of their summer swoon.  We are still a few weeks away from better production.  Expect continued interruptions in supply.
Meanwhile, the party in the Atlantic is heating up.  Species like Fluke, Albacore, Bluefish, Swordfish, Sole and Striped Bass are all joining the fun, some arriving fashionably late, others dreadfully so, but nonetheless we should see these species on menu special boards around town.  Those who made the guest list, but haven’t RSVP’d include Mahi, Grouper, and Snapper.  These fish remain elusive and impossible to pin down to a plate.


Gourmet Grab

While the Lollapalooza bands may have you singing the youthful pleasures of yesteryear, you also may find that you don’t have the teenage energy to hang like you used to. Well if you’re looking for a proper caffeine pick-me-up to even the field, whether a purist or sweet-tooth at heart, Cultivo Cold Brew has the coffee offering for you.
Uncommon Coffee Roasters (Saugatuck, Michigan) launched Cultivo Cold Brew to produce ethically-responsible, USDA organic, ready-to-drink cold brew coffees. Roasted in small batches and steeped for up to 20 hours, these cold brews exhibit distinct flavor profiles that’ll surely accommodate everyone’s needs.
They offer a smooth, simple, unsweetened, Straight Black variety (170 mg caffeine); a well-balanced, grass-fed organic Half & Half variety (128 mg caffeine); or not-overly-sweet, grass-fed organic Chocolate Milk variety (97 mg caffeine) with a super creamy mouthfeel.
Cultivo is focused on sustainability efforts by utilizing their fully recyclable cartons and donating their spent grounds to local farms for earthworm farming. You add in their efforts to only source fair-trade coffee, use organic ingredients, as well as being an LGBT-certified Business Enterprise; this is a company that definitely prides itself on ethics and quality.
So the next time you’re looking for that added energy for a day of festival fun, with flavor to back it up, keep that big orange C on your minds.
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