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Summer is kicking the tires on June, and you can already feel the heat from the kitchens as the engines rev.  The race may just be starting, but it already feels like the checkered flag is in sight.  We all know it goes by so fast.  Before you can blink, look at some of the offerings we have to get you ahead of the pack and into the winner’s circle. 
Wild Sockeye and King Salmon are officially here to stay.  These summer rentals are in full force.  We have three areas open: Resurrection Bay, Prince William Sound, and Copper River.  We are seeing mostly Sockeyes with a small number of net caught Kings being offered.  To subsidize the gill net Kings, we are also bringing in troll caught King Salmon.  The Troll fish are from small boats and are handled with extreme care, producing the highest quality Salmon.
Red Grouper is booming in the Gulf.  We are seeing some excellent landings out of Florida and Mexico, and the market has responded with stable pricing.  This fishery is expected to produce all summer, so take advantage of the consistency. 
Flat fish options will be few this week.  We aren’t seeing much West Coast Dover or Petrale Sole landed.  The pickings have been very slim, mostly due to weather and lack of fishing.  East Coast Fluke is in the same boat.  Fluke pricing has been very high due to lack of supply.  We have stopped stocking it as a result.  The summer season for Fluke will get going in a few weeks and, until then, it’s best to utilize the gorgeous Halibut coming out of Alaska.  We are really happy with supply, and the quality is off-the-charts good.  Keep the Halibut on the menu!
Father’s Day is just around the turn, so don’t forget to kick it into high gear with offering some grill favorites.  We will be sure to stock up on meaty options like Opah, Ono, Amberjack, Tuna, Sword, and Mahi.  Whether it’s giant Lobsters or Golden Tile, we will have what you need to win the day.


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Now that the summer grilling season is in full swing, and Father’s Day is quickly approaching we would like to highlight some of our brands that will elevate every occasion for your customers.  Fortune’s one and only Chef Martin has a wide selection of sausages from his Old World Butcher Shop line.  Be sure to saddle up with some of his spicy Jalapeno Cheddar Brats or classic Bratwursts for your outside festivities. Need a little something to compliment Chef’s brats? Look no further than Local Folks Stone Ground Mustard. It’s a spicy mustard based off a 200-year-old German recipe. Additionally, Fortune offers a wide range of primal and portioned meats; everything from pork, chicken, lamb, to beef is readily available. Ask your sales rep for a weekly price list of stocked and pre-order items.

I’m sure you are salivating at this point; rest assured we have a long list of drink options that will quench that thirst.  Dark Matter Coffees are ready-to-drink options that should be kept on hand.  Everyone could use an electifying chilled jolt to keep the summer party going. Bonus, the cans are a work of art.  If your customers are not into the bean, try Wisco Pop sodas.  These thirst-quenching beverages are 100% certified organic sodas.  They are made with natural, fresh ingredients, taking the soda game to deliciously new levels.  Check out their new cans!

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