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The fall leaves can take your breath away with their beauty and make the whole world feel in bloom.  You may not realize, but the leaves don’t actually change their colors. They simply reveal the natural plumage that was hiding underneath the sun-kissed chlorophyll green the entire time.  While many gourmands are always looking for the next best “new” thing to plate, few realize that some of most delicious and delicate options lay right in front of them, hiding in plain sight.
Fresh Domestic Albacore Tuna is one of the cleanest, finest tasting Tuna offerings in the market.  The price point will make your food cost happy and the versatility will keep your guests entertained.  It is an overlooked fish that needs more attention.
Black Sea Bass will be delayed until the end of the week, but don’t fret.  Wild Striped Bass season is turning the corner and fish are literally jumping into the pound nets and chomping at the bait.  We expect good supply going forward.
American Red Snapper and Grouper are cutting out beautifully right now.  The fish we are seeing are quality specimens and we expect this to be a lasting trend.  Snapper sizing runs the gamut, and we have fish available in all sizes.  Groupers are averaging 6-8 pounds, with some larger fish available in limited numbers.  Both species offer light, flaky meat and are solid performers on the menu. The update on
Stone Crab Season is here…We Have Crabs!  The claws are back, and fishermen are busy setting traps.  Stone Crabs are nocturnal hunters and need cover to stalk their prey.  That is why storms are important for crabbing.  We need storms to come through to stir things up on the bottom sea floor, so that the crabs can go looking for food.  There has been some recent activity in weather and the results for this week look good.  It’s still early in the season, so prices are strong, but so far this year has started out significantly better than last.  Let’s hope it continues. 
Cooler temperatures equal fattier fish and fat is king when it comes to flavor.  Seasonal treats like Urchin and Mackerel are beginning to come around.  The East Coast Urchin shells are finally filling out, and we are expecting some select pieces this week.  The Spanish mackerel is cutting super white and starting to get that pinkish tone to let you know they are ripe with flavor.  We are also going to be receiving our first Atlantic, aka Boston, Mackerel this week.  We have waited for just the right quality fish and are going to be rewarded for our patience.  Timing is everything in both Nature and flavor.  There is a bounty that lies before us - just waiting to unfold.  If you can let it, then the richness of the world awaits.    


Gourmet Grab

Speaking of richness...Iberico dry cured meats are as rich as they come. 


In 1956, in the magical medieval village of La Alberca (Salamanca), Fermín, a small family business was born. For more than 60 years, Fermín has been producing the highest quality lbérico products in the world.

Located in the Sierra de Francia, more than 1,000 meters in elevation in the heart of a National Park declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, this small village has the perfect microclimate for the products to dry and age naturally. This climate allows Fermin to continue the traditional methods to guarantee the best quality of products.

Fermin is proud to be the first Iberico brand that arrived in the US and has been focused on growing the largest number of Iberico dry cured products in the market.  They follow the strict Iberico Quality Regulations to guarantee quality, fair prices and transparency to all customers.


Fortune has partnered with Fermin for many years, and we carry a wonderful selection of their products for all your needs.  The Jamon Iberico de Bellota is considered one of the best hams in the world, and we stock both bone-in and boneless.  Also stocked is the 100% bone-in free range Iberico ham and the 50% boneless free range Iberico ham.  A range of chorizo and salchichons, from 100% Iberico de Bellota to the white label Iberico, full pieces and pre-sliced, is also available.  Along with the deliciousness of the Iberico breed, Fermin produces a wonderful selection of Serrano products, which include their jamon, paleta (shoulder) and lomo.

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