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It’s hard to think about the fall with so much sun still around, but we know what lies ahead.  While there are plenty of wonderful colors and smells to look forward to, now is a great time to capture these last rays of warmth.  Time doesn’t stop, so bottle up these next few days and make the most of them for memories to come. 
This week could be the last gasp for Wild King Salmon.  River fish are making their way too far upriver and, even though troll season re-opened in California on the first, it appears the fish are gone.  We could see some smatterings of harvest here and there, and there is still a small fall fishery, but the glut is over.  If your desire for Wild Salmon still burns bright, you can keep Coho on the menu for a few more weeks.  The fishery is expected to last at least a few more weeks into the end of September.  This is dependent on the fish continuing to show.  Speaking of showing, or rather not showing, the Wild Keta have yet to make a great appearance, which does not bode well for this year’s harvest.
If you’re trying to seize some lingering moments with the grill, we have some Tahitian and Brazilian Ono that just arrived.  Our shipments of hook-and-line fish are landing daily this week as this BBQ favorite is running hot and steady.  This species will be a great bet this week into next.
A summer favorite is actually a fall staple.  The Mahi Mahi season is gearing up in South America and we are seeing some great value and big fish.  The summer catch was mostly 5-10 pound fish, but September has brought the big boys out and we are seeing consistent catches of 15 pound plus fish.  With the size, we are also seeing some cost relief as well, so you can keep the Mahi rolling.
Lobster prices are just not coming down, at least not yet.  Processors continue to gobble up catch for the frozen market and the Maine hard shell production is still lacking.  Compound this with rising shore prices in Canada, and you get the current exorbitant market.  Here’s to hoping for some relief this fall.
Gourmet Gab
Fall is right around the corner and it’s time to preserve the peak flavors of the upcoming season. Contrary to popular belief, you can enjoy seasonal flavors all year round. When you can/jar a product at its peak freshness, you are preserving the flavor and can indulge in the delicious flavor all year round. At Fortune Fish & Gourmet, we have plenty of options that will keep your customers seasonal needs satisfied.

La Catedral De Navarra has spent over 75 years perfecting the tradition of preserving vegetables. They breed and grow, either organically or naturally, heirloom varieties of vegetables that they harvest at peak ripeness. They are dedicated to preserving peak flavor throughout the process to be able to get the best tasting, highest quality, vegetables to their customers. Their asparagus is harvested April through June and hand packed so your customers can enjoy the delicious summer flavor well into the fall and winter.

Vegetables aren’t the only thing that can be canned and enjoyed all year round. Canned seafood is a great option when you need a quick seafood fix. Scout Canning products are carefully crafted by top seafood chefs in North America. They use high quality ingredients that are better for you, and better for the planet. All of Scout's seafood is responsibly sourced directly from North American fisheries with a transparent supply chain from boat to shelf. You can’t go wrong with canned seafood from Scout.

Lastly, Rush Creek Reserve is back and it’s time to get those preorders in! Rush Creek Reserve is available for only a limited time. It is made in the late summer and fall months when the cow’s diet change from the fresh pastures to the winter’s dry hay. Bound in Spruce bark, the soft cheese is imparted with a woodsy flavor, reminiscent of beef broth and finely cured meat. Due to limited availability Rush Creek Reserve is a pre-order item.

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