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Veteran’s Day is this week, and we would like to send our thanks and appreciation out to all of those who have served and all of those who continue to serve. We couldn’t do what we do without you. Thank you for your service and sacrifice.

Fall dressings are providing an idyllic backdrop to our everyday lives. The cornucopia of colors can amaze, inspire, and awe, turning the mundane into magic. It’s a beautiful time to be alive and outside. But don’t get caught starry eyed, the holidays are almost here, and it’s about that time to start talking turkey on everything you’ll need to seize the day.
Oysters are a big draw for the holidays - and, as with most raw materials these days, the supply and demand are not keeping in-step.  Whether served on the half-shell or shucked and baked into stuffing and stews, getting the shellfish you need this year may require a little planning.  We recommend giving yourself ample lead time and ordering ahead of the rush. A pre-order gives you and the supplier a better chance of fulfilling increased demands.
Thankfully the Nor’easter has left the East Coast and last week’s scarcity is mostly behind us.  We saw much better landings of Monkfish, Skate, Fluke, and Striped Bass this week.  These fisheries are back on track and the boats are bringing fresh fish in daily.  It’s a good week to take advantage of the break in the bad weather and enjoy the variety and quality of Atlantic species.
The Mahi Mahi run is gaining voracity, and like a storm, the fish are going to be raining down.  The South American season is hitting its stride and now is the time to run this popular fish. Whether you are grilling for the tailgate or need the perfect ceviche for an appetizer, mahi is the versatile fish that checks all the boxes.  Fortune can help with recommendations for the upcoming gatherings and give you the expert advice you need to succeed.



Gourmet Gab

The holiday season is officially upon us. The days are shorter, the cold weather is rolling in, and the family gatherings are starting. Nothing brings family together more than food…and Thanksgiving football. Luckily, Fortune has everything you need to keep everyone happy, fed and entertained.

Chips & Dips are a match made in heaven. Two Men & a Garden started in 2006 when a couple of St. Louis neighbors merged their backyard gardens. Now they’re creating awesome salsas in several different flavors and spice levels that are the perfect dip for your chip.

Speaking of chips, Zingerman’s Deli developed their own potato chip! They use Michigan potatoes, and their chips are skin-on and cooked in small batches. These chips come in a variety of flavors from Sea Salt to Detroit Street Barbecue. There’s a flavor for everyone!

No party is complete without a seafood option (at least in our opinion). Coastal Seafoods dips are handmade using only the highest quality ingredients. They come in four flavors: Cajun Krab, Super Crab, Smoked Trout, and Smoked Salmon and are sure to please your customers. These are made to order each week so pre-order with your sales rep to have them for the holidays!

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