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Grey skies and overcast cold can seem to go on forever this time of year.  It’s hard to find the rays of light at times, in an otherwise dark season.  Spring will come, like a promise that always keeps, so cling to your resolutions and don’t break under the pressure of bad habits.  January is always a test of our resolve - here’s to passing with flying colors. 
Price hikes and absentee fish are really the news of the week.  Terrible storms with furious winds are causing a melee on the East Coast, making fishing, lobstering, scalloping and harvesting a true test of grit.  Wild Striped Bass, Skate, and Monk seem stable enough, but sourcing Haddock and Pollack for the end of the week could be tough.  It will behoove you to stay ahead of your ordering needs and speak with Fortune reps early and often.  It looks like storms ease at the end of the week, so hopefully next week will be cleaner.
Gulf species are in a similar boat.  Grouper and Snapper fishing has been brutally slow, and supply will not be able to meet demand this week.  All is not lost though; we will have a good supply of Florida Golden Tile and South Carolina Wreckfish to substitute.  The Golden Tile eats especially sweet, almost shrimp-like, due to their high shellfish diet.  The Wreckfish, also known as Stone Bass, get their name from where they can be found, usually deep off the canyons amongst the wreckage of unfortunate ships.  The Wreckfish is caught by hook and line and is very similar to Grouper.  These fish are massive, 20 pounds plus, and come from a small, artisanal fishery.
We are going to see another shot of West Coast groundfish this week.  Rockfish, Petrale, and Dover Sole will be making their way back to the list, still in a very much limited role.  These species are hard to nail down this time of year due to weather, so, grab them while you can.  It’s January and stepping outside is all the information you need on what that means.  It can be tough sledding keeping product on the tables, but together, with effort and a little luck, we can make the food that makes you happy happen. 
Gourmet Gab
2022 is in full swing and it’s time to check on those New Year’s Resolutions we all set a few weeks ago. Eating healthy and exercising regularly are commonly made resolutions.  Although Fortune may not be able to help you on the exercise side, we do have several healthy items that may help you achieve at least one of your goals.
Skinny Souping is a Chicago-based, woman-owned company that offers veggie and broth-based soups. They contain no preservatives and are the perfect single serving size soup that can be eaten both cold and hot. Fortune carries all six fantastic flavors including Butternut Squash Coconut Curry and Spicy Super Greens.
Another woman-owned and run company that can help you stay healthy this year is Every Body Eat. They too are local to Chicago, and are bringing people together through a shared love of delicious food, regardless of dietary restriction. All their snack thins are free from the top 14 allergens and corn and come in delicious flavors like Cheese-less and Fiery Chile Lime.
Just because you are eating healthy doesn’t mean that you can’t indulge in dessert. Nat’s Rawline offers all-vegan dessert options that are made with raw ingredients. Fortune carries four flavors: Very Berry Cake, Chocolate Carmel Cake, Tiramisu, and Mango Lime Cake. They are so delicious, even your non-vegan customers will love them!
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