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Outside, the story is a predictable one: winter, snow, and cold.  But, inside us, there is a palpable spring in each step; a discernable eagerness and hope that there’s enough light ahead to melt away the fear and start the city’s engine once again.  Opportunity is dawning ahead of us as a new breath energizes our industry.  It’s time, finally, to reinvigorate the spirit of hospitality. 
Give new eyes to winter classics this week as we are seeing beautiful groundfish such as Cod, Monkfish, Haddock, and Skate arrive daily.  These species each have their own merits and can host a compliment of flavors to make your dish shine.  Whether it’s the silky smoothness of fresh Cod and Haddock, the lobster-like sweetness of Monk, or the sugary richness of Skate, there are a myriad of avenues to venture.  The best part? All of these species offer excellent quality at a friendly price-point.
Wild Striped Bass season kicked off on the Eastern Shore this past weekend and we have first catch coming in this week.  Stripers have a nice, white, meaty flesh and their skin crisps up like candied bacon.  It is America’s true Bass and should be a great menu item for the next few weeks.
If you are looking to feature heartier fare, Swordfish, Mahi, and Albacore offer exciting steaky options.  These fish are denser and can be easily grilled or seared and pair well with fresh citrus.  Mahi is especially hot right now, as the season in South America is in full swing and supply is strong and steady.
At last, don’t forget that fresh Stone Crabs are sill in season and available.  Supply is subject to cold temperatures (when it’s too cold they can’t harvest) but we have initial deliveries coming to start the week.  Stone Crabs make succulent starters that can turn any dinner into a special one.  Whatever you are looking for to jump start your menu, think of us as your source to get there. 


Gourmet Gab

Chicago Bears fans have once again been let down by our Monsters of the Midway, but, alas, we still have some great playoff football to enjoy over the next weeks to tide us over until next season. If you are not sure what to snack on during the playoff games, fear not, we have you covered. 
Uncle Jerry’s Pretzels, a family-owned business, has been creating handmade pretzels for over 30 years in Pennsylvania Dutch Country. Each pretzel is hand shaped & twisted and then slowly baked in a stone hearth oven.  The result is a fresh, crunchy and all-natural sourdough pretzel. Whatever you fancy in a pretzel - from low salt, regular to extra dark – they have you covered.
What goes great with pretzels?  Cheese of course!  Raw cheddar cheese spreads from Fayette Creamery of Darlington, Wisconsin will certainly enhance any food spread.  Their simple recipe of 100-day old raw cheddar cheese, whey, cream, and water turns out a surprisingly sophisticated treat. The spreads are super creamy straight out of the refrigerator and can be used in a variety of applications.  Smother over a hamburger, incorporate into an egg dish, scoop onto your favorite vegetable of choice – there’s no wrong answer, any way you spread it.

Are you looking to make a charcuterie plate, but don’t want to take the time to slice it?  Then the fine folks at Brooklyn Cured have you covered with their pre-sliced meats. Traditional options like Finnochiona and Soppressata are a must, but if you are feeling a little more adventurous, check out their Bresaola - a beef top round crusted with Porcini mushroom.  Brooklyn Cured is the prefect short cut to a beautiful and bountiful presentation.

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