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Though the weather can get pretty bitter outside, you can take solace in the fact that there are some sweet deals to be had on great products.  Business can get quiet this time of year, so focusing your menus on the healthy and affordable options that the oceans have to offer can be a terrific way to draw the crowds your way.
Meaty fare like Mahi Mahi, Amberjack, and Albacore are great options off the grill or in the pan.  Prices and supplies are looking bright in the bleak winter months for these species.  You can use these substantial proteins as a lighter counterpart to steak when working to trim costs in the center of the plate.  Mahi is mostly coming from South American day boats while the Amberjack and Albacore are being harvested from domestic fisheries. 
New England Ground Fish are a great way to save some pennies this time of year.  Skate, Monkfish, Haddock, and Cod are wonderful options with an extended shelf-life due to the colder weather.  These fish are delicious in their own right; however, they are also easy to build flavors around when plating.  They take to an array of different preparations and can be utilized in cuisines spiced with seasonings from all corners of the world.  
If current Snapper prices have you seeing red, try utilizing East Coast Black Bass and Striped Bass.  These delicious fish are excellent alternatives to the more expensive Snapper and no flavor is lost when you make the switch.  The skin on these fish is exceptionally tasty when seared to crispy perfection.

Chinese New Year in just around the corner meaning larger sized Lobsters, two pounds and higher, will be in high demand.  Price and supply of these sizes will rise and tighten respectively.  You can save by looking to the smaller sized lobsters and still get your fix of  sweet lobster meat.


Gourmet Grab

Chocoholics can finally rejoice.  Recent studies confirm that unadulterated dark and milk chocolate boast a variety of health benefits. Theobromine, a naturally occurring compound found in chocolate is good for you in numerous ways. Eating Theobromine can increase your energy level, improve cognitive function, increase your mood and ward off tooth decay while improving your body’s airways. As with everything, one should consume in moderation and not devour massive quantities of chocolates.  However, the evidence shows consuming chocolate in small quantities is good for your body and your mind. Fortune stocks the following lines of premium chocolate. 
Since 1954, Master Chocolatier Francesc Agras has produced award winning chocolates made from raw organic and fair-trade Trinitario, Criollo, and Forastero beans grown in Peru, Philippines, Congo, and Brazil. The hand selected beans are roasted to the perfect texture and aroma.  Then they are infused with real sugar, cocoa butter and vanilla.  The result is a beautifully crafted and ultra- delicious tasting bar. Accordingly, their rustic, award-winning packaging reflects the authentic, hand-made process.  Blanxart is a high-quality chocolate bar that you won’t want to miss.
When founded in 2005, TCHO, a San Francisco based chocolate company, quickly realized that there were numerous challenges to sourcing high quality cacao consistently. To overcome these obstacles, they created TCHO Source, a program that supplies tools and training so their farmer partners can become experts in flavor and sensory analysis and improved infrastructure.  This program enables growers to earn a higher income from the higher quality beans they produce. As a result of TCHO’s efforts, more consistent, better quality beans have made their way into the chocolates and a better standard of living has been created for growers.

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